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Inktober 30- Found

More things that bum me out- the concept of unicorn hunts. You find a nice girl, get her to trick a unicorn into hanging out with her, then chop her new friend’s head off. Everyone has a bad day.

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Vernal not being the Spring Maiden actually is some really clever writing. 

Back when the first episode came out and we first saw her in the intro we all already assumed it was her. Just based on the shot with her and Cinder, because it makes sense - we knew Raven had the Spring Maiden because Qrow had said it earlier this episode, we knew Cinder was a Maiden, Vernal appears right after Raven in the intro, the background showing the tribe. 

Later we learn her name is Vernal (that is not even subtle), she’s also the only young woman who has a name and seems to be important out of all people of the tribe. She also seems to have some high position within the tribe. 

The lightning in 5x04 almost confirms it. We see Vernal stretching out her hand, Raven says thank you, so obviously it must have been her who shot the lightning. So when Raven first confirms Vernal to be the Spring Maiden in 5x09 we as the audience already know she is. Of course it’s no big reveal anymore, but we as the audience think we’re clever because we saw the clues they gave us and had already figured it out. 

But it also makes us believe she is the Spring Maiden so hard that only a few of us questioned why Vernal never had that eye thing going on that both Amber and Cinder had while using their Maiden powers. RT made us come up with the conclusion ourselves and that made us way less likely do doubt it. 

When you look back at things it actually makes sense Vernal isn’t the Maiden. It still raises questions, but it’s nothing that came completely out of the blue. Raven wearing her helmet while Vernal uses her Maiden powers in 5x09 suddenly makes so much sense and some even called it. But writing it that way make it both a really surprising but also believable twist. 

Heyyy this is a new silly inktober, kind of the one logically following my little story about fear of the dark.
Actually someone mentionned to me the song from Iron maiden and in the youtube comments there is kind of a running gag with the people hearing the wrong lyrics. And after that I’ve read that fear of ducks watching you is actually a thing, it’s called Anatidaephobia. Yes…That’s amazing!!

And again, sorry for the English mistakes !