The general outline of the plot: Magneto is playing chess with Fing Fang Foom, Speed and Wiccan fight against human oppression, and just as they’re about to be apprehended by Shield, Wanda shows up and takes her boys home (she’s seriously OOC here), meanwhile the human resistance hatch a plan which involves sending cyborgs to attack the palace. While Polaris is distracted by the cyborg attack, Hawkeye and his two buddies attack Magneto with the bullet. Once Magneto is down, Fing Fang Foom attacks the humans. Polaris shows up to get her dad, and that’s when the above scene takes place.

By the way, my prediction from last week ended up being 50% correct: Pietro is not wearing a swimsuit (why you gotta tease us like that Kris Anka?), but he didn’t get hit with the bullet.

So are there any particular pages you guys would like to see?

What X-men essentially is
  • Magneto:We need to do something about Anti-Mutant violence perpetuated by Humans it's going to end up in a Genocide
  • Xavier:But what about Mutant on Mutant Violence?
  • Magneto:What?
  • Xavier:How can humans respect us if we don't respect ourselves?
  • Xavier:We need to learn to love ourselves first.