Killing one bigot isn’t going to grant your people their freedom, Magneto. It will just bill you all as threats to “normal” people and their way of life.

Just look at the bullshit that happend in 2014.

And, yes, the ENTIRE POINT of the X-Men franchise is to be a metaphor for race relations, and to show that just because one person in a race acts like Magneto, that doesn’t mean every member of that race does.

If you missed that, you weren’t paying attention.


“Why did you do that?” you ask.  Your each out to grab Erik’s arm on the darkened street but stop yourself when he looks at you over his shoulder.

“Why did I do what?” he questions, as if he really has no idea what you’re talking about.

You take a breath.  “You killed that man…you used your powers—they’re just going to use it to say that—”

“To say what?” he asks.  “That mutants are superior?”

“To say we’re monsters.”

Erik shakes his head.  “I couldn’t let them hurt you, Y/N.”  He steps forward and brushes a hand over your cheek.  “I’ll never let any harm come to you.”