Why can’t MCU address more disabled/handicapped/mental disorder characters, that would be nice.

  • Hawkeye- deaf
  • Bucky- amputee, PTSD
  • Steve- PTSD
  • Tony- heart problems, PTSD
  • Sam- PTSD
  • Professor X- paraplegic
  • Magneto- holocaust survivor
  • Daredevil- blind

And why can’t we add them into the movies like we do in the comic books.

Pietro Maximoff Appreciation

Ok, so Quicksilver has been my favorite character ever since I started reading Marvel comics some four years ago. When I learned that Pietro and Wanda were going to be in Age of Ultron, I was beyond excited. But I was expecting something else from Pietro. In the movie, he was still a good character, he was just…different from what I’m used to, and I think we all missed out a bit on the wonderful opportunity to see what an actual fuck up Pietro Maximoff really is.

I mean, for starters, he’s actually thirty seconds YOUNGER than Wanda, and he will throw a bitch fit about it, which Wanda will respond to accordingly

And then shit like this happens daily, he’s such a spazz

Even his dad thinks he’s a hot damn mess

He watches Downton Abbey like a NERD (but mostly because Wanda watches it and it’s sweet) and then has the audacity to be pretentious about it and everything in life


And sometimes he’s a spokesperson model for Terrigen Mists™

In short, this is all the “lost potential” everyone’s talking about. We have officially lost the chance to ever see this HUGE DORK be a FUCKING LOSER.

And I’ll leave you with the reminder that he also has serious antenna hair.

you’re welcome, goodbye