X-Men montage commission by John Byrne. 2015.

John shared the request by the customer:

20" x 30" illustration featuring a montage of X-Men vignettes and  Xavier as the central figure.  The details are:

- Xavier to be just a headshot or full body in chair, your choice

Please include the following in the vignettes:

- Sentinel

- Magneto (wearing helmet)

- Dark Phoenix versus Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Beast

- Jean/Phoenix versus the White Queen cicra Hellfire Club meeting

- Battling Alpha flight with following interactions:

   - Cyclops vs Vindicator

   - Colossus vs Sasquatch

   - Storm vs Snowbird

- Kitty Pryde (new to the team/old school costume)For the Magneto, Sentinel, and Kitty Pryde vignettes, feel free to add in any X-Men of your choice or just include the character only with a background of your choice.

Fullview of my latest collaboration with alternativemovieposters.com

The main inspiration behind this piece is the “Frankenstein’s monster” aspect of Erik’s / Magneto’s character in X-Men: First Class.

The piece itself is a surreal scenario which shows Erik’s / Magneto’s journey from the concentration camp as a traumatised child to the man he becomes, but whose actions and ideals are still affected by the haunting memories he is carrying

MONSTER will be on sale Friday 31st at 1pm GMT / 9am EST. Limited Edition of 50. £40GBP. More details to follow.


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“You built these weapons to destroy us. Why? Because you are afraid of our gifts. Because we are different. Humanity has always feared that which is different. Well, I’m here to tell you, to tell the world, you’re right to fear us! We are the future! We are the ones who will inherit this earth! And anyone who stands in our way will suffer the same fate as these men you see before you! Today was meant to be a display of your power. Instead, I give you a glimpse of the devastation my race can unleash upon yours! Let this be a warning to the world. And to my mutant brothers and sisters out there, I say this: no more hiding. No more suffering. You have lived in the shadows in shame and fear for too long. Come out. Join me. Fight together in a brotherhood of our kind! A new tomorrow, that starts today!”

X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014) Dir. Bryan Singer