(AGAIN) (for day 7 of @omgericzimmermann​‘s 13 days of halloween!)

read under the cut for way too many witchy headcanons that influenced these drawings:

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Which character should I have my first ever Cosplay photo shoot for?
From top left to right:

L Lawleit - Death Note
Dark Link - The Legend of Zelda
Trainer Red - Pokemon
Judal - Magi the Labyrinth of Magic
Jack Frost - Rise of the Gaurdians
Aoyagi Ritsuka - Loveless

Planning to go all out and make it as professional looking as I can so lemme know!

“I have this picture of me at like 10-years-old and trying to get her autograph at a game. She was my coach and individual trainer when I was growing up when I was 12 and she would come out and we would do individual sessions. This was when she was just getting her calls up to the National Team so I followed her journey closely for so long. The first time I ever played with her was at magicJack. She of course didn’t remember me at all but of course I knew everything about her. From there, to be a part of the National Team with her, to be able to play with her at Chicago and to see her in all different types of role, bossing the midfield, to stepping away from the game and going through that journey to get back which is something that I can’t even imagine, it’s been special to be her teammate.” -Christen Press