Some of you may be wondering when did Bulk and Glam met before. Well it was a long long time ago in a blog far away. I Suppose some of you used to follow my old blog “Built for Power” which was centered around Bulk and where they met before. 

There you go, they are both set in the same universe. 

Deepest lore amirite.


The A was a format-defining card when it came out. 10 points of damage is a lot to deal, so it naturally slotted right into emoji aggro decks. What its creator did not foresee was the emergence of the emoji control decks, which utilised this as the win condition. Emoji control dominated Standard until Goal Geppard aggro was frantically introduced to beat it. Although it never had quite the impact of Foegod control or Mono-skelly tribal, The A and emoji control is a story worth telling.