( ok but can we appreciate that mei is an actually very graceful person, as a former ballet dancer & gymnast, and a superhero who can fly, she’s learned to have a complete control over her body ??? and o h gosh don’t get me started on how there is nothing more beautiful & graceful than mei flying bc i will g on for says )

being a poet doesn’t always mean being sad and lonely and writing beautiful things from the most broken vessels of your heart. sometimes being a poet means making funny faces and saying “hey, hey! look at me!” and finding lines of poetry in the creases of people’s smiles not frowns, and believing in magic, and believing you’re magic, and dancing when you’ve got two left feet and loving yourself a little too much, if there even is such thing, and feeling young and loving ceaselessly and just living out dreams. because no writer can be a true poet if they don’t live every once in a while.
—  v.n

Poor little soul found him wandering pinterest alone and cold
But cheer up my fine feathered friend
You wandered in to my gorgeous den
Here i shall keep you warm and content
For now we shall always be friends
So transform your self into that fine fellow and dance your magic dance to my room down the hall way so that our hearts may be content😉😉😉😉😉