Magic Transistor

Someone asked again about my favorite blogs so here:

@albarrancabrera  are original photographers of the very best kind. Their work is highly original and lovely in the smallest details. Indispensable.

@samplerman has his own kind of madness. His original takes on modern collage and cartooning are fun, thoughtful  and exhilarating .

@thunderstruck9  is a high volume art  blog in a place where there are many good ones. But he really sets himself apart by not blogging the usual suspects. Very fine.

@nemfrog is a tumblr institution by now and offers all sorts of art and printed ephemera always of high quality and great interest.

@okbjgm  is a screenwriter offering advice and opinion as well as a dedicated fan of abstract expressionism. A gem of a person and a good blog,

@thenearsightedmonkey Is the great Lynda Barry’s notes and examples for the classes she teaches. Great comics by her students and cultural offerings from the queen herself

@foxesinbreeches  Well curated photographic gems

@magictransistor All things wise and wonderful, all creatures great and small

@50watts is a delight and for years has given  the rather large benefits of his fascinating collections

@apeninacoquinete has got a really original thing going, that’s a tall order on tumblr. Lots of interesting graphics of all types.

@hauntedbystorytelling a  practical tumblr institution and going stronger than ever.

There are plenty more, but that’s a start

Just finished this today, and I couldn’t wait to post it! I had a great idea from listening to the transistor soundtrack and I really like how it turned out. This is the first time I’ve done her more in my style, and with a gritty, old film texture that I did by hand! Let me know what you think!


Levi Walter Yaggy. Celestial Phenomena, Zodiacal Signs, Planetary Systems, Geographical Studies & Geological Charts, 1887-1893.


Huichol (Wixáritari); yarn paintings. Mexico. 20th through 21st century.