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Recently I realized Adventure Time gave two secondary, but important, characters a chance for redemption. They have in common that they used to be complete jerks with anyone, being possesive and cheater among other things. But past season and on Islands we could see they were nice persons. I’m talking about Magic Man and Martin Mertens.


Since his first appearance on S1 Freak City, Magic Man made impossible Finn, Jake and pretty much every Ooo inhabitant’s life. No matter if he tricked them, morphed them into a giant foot or made them going into a weird inner world made of themselves, Magic Man was a jerk guy who had a horrible backstory involving a broken heart, a cosmic deity and the ruin of a super civilization on Mars.

But on Season 7′s Normal Man, a powerless Magic Man, because his powers were transfered to Betty Grof, showed his true nature before going nuts. He wanted to rescue his brother, floating in Earth’s orbit. He also showed Finn, Jake and Tiny Manticore he wasn’t a bad guy and he changed. And back on Mars he did the same with Martians, who were wandering in the ruins of their civilization.


Martin Mertens had less time on AT, being on only four episodes on Season 6 and two on Islands. He didn’t care about Finn when his son went to the Cosmic Prison to rescue him. The consequence? His son loses an arm. That selfish scoundrel manipulated tiny farmers to repair his ship, or a colony of Furbys (?) that rescued him from being a prisoner in a planet so he could escape from that planet, without the food he promised he was going to give them.

Despite not being in the material world, going with the Purple Comet into another plane of existance, on Islands we could see his backstory. A descendent of human survivors who was a trickster who helped Hiders to leave Founders that loved gadgets, but also a Helper named Minnie. He loved Finn more than gadgets, and saved him from a revenge or a giant robot on the sea. Something that is very noble.

With this examples I say Adventure Time also shows that there is chance for people to change. Or to know they were good and why they broke bad. Magic Man and Martin share a tragic past that broke them for long, but they had their redemption time. Or not, but we could see what they were like before.


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