Thoughts on conjuring spirits

Never call up what you cannot put down. It is a myth – and a dangerous one, at that – that a practitioner can only attract things that they can deal with. Just like how when you’re walking in the woods only wild animals will come up to you if you can deal with them. Or just like in real life you will only interact with people that you can easily send away. In reality a person can attract all sorts of things to them that they cannot deal with – and magic is no different. If you start calling for powerful entities that you have no hope of banishing, well, then you’ll get them. If you have zero experience, start with entities that you have a fair chance of fighting – like a kitty or a bunny. See how you do, gain experience in banishments. Go on from there.

What you call will come. It is a cool, but very scary, fact that what you call will come. Start calling Bael or Beelzebub and you can be quite sure the Lord of Flies will take notice of you. You may not be able to sense or see this interaction, but it has occurred. It is a frustrating reality of being a conjurer that you have to control your thoughts and not “accidentally” come in to contact with certain beings. Beings can and will appear to you even if you have not set up your summoning circle, your conjuration tools, or prepared yourself mentally. Avoid calling things when you are unprepared. Avoid calling anything you cannot deal with (see “never call up what you cannot put down” and “start small”).

You are not always going to immediately see the effects of a conjure gone bad (or good). So you conjure a spirit one day and stuff gets freaky, and you feel uncomfortable. But instead of properly shutting down your ritual and banishing your space, you just get up and walk away. Everything seems okay. Then a month later the water faucet bursts and floods your house. Things start to go missing. You can’t be near your closet without getting a panic attack. You feel the need to sleep with your lights on. Your pets won’t come in to your bedroom any more. If a conjure goes bad, you are not always going to immediately see the effects so you can take care of it immediately. Predator spirits can be very sneaky. They want to creep in to your life and start to take control without you noticing. If a conjure starts to go bad, shut it down properly. Banish to the best of your abilities. Take care of things ASAP. A “wait and see” philosophy does not really work with bad conjures. Likewise, you may not even know things have gone badly until the symptoms start to arise. When stuff starts going wrong, don’t wait – take care of your business. If you read that and say, “how do I take care of my business?” then conjuring is not right for you just yet.

Likewise, suppose you conjure a benevolent spirit to help you out. You may not immediately see the effects of it’s touch of grace. Give things a little time to develop – spirits are not “magic”, they require time to work just like we do!

Start small! Summoning big powerful stuff is not your goal as a beginner. Your goal is to work with safe conjures, get experience in banishment and protection, and learn how to safely work with spirits. Once you’re a big badass conjurer and this post is nothing but a distant memory, then go for those crazy summons. Until then, go for those domesticated animal, baby elemental, plant spirit conjures.

Make a habit of doing things right. During a recent psychic reading, a demon verbally kicked my ass for doing things wrong. It was a bit of a wake-up call. If it’s “only” a reading then I don’t need to protect myself, right? If it’s just a bunny spirit I don’t need a proper circle. But this is the kind of sloppy conjure habits that get people in serious trouble. Realize that the point of protection isn’t for when things go right, as you are expecting – it is for when things go really wrong. My ego tells me I don’t need a circle to conjure a kitty cat. But as a rational conjurer, I should know better. Do things right, even for small conjures. It is worth the effort.

You not being able to sense things does not mean that nothing is happening. One of the messages I am getting more often lately than any other is, “I see visualizations just as you described, but I don’t believe they are real.” Well, they’re real, and your self doubts are not stopping a spirit from wondering why you conjured it just to ignore it. Some spirits are going to take offense to this. I know when I conjure a spirit and then my dog (or something) distracts me, they get pissed off. When you conjure, you are dealing with a real being that had the courtesy to show up to your call. Even if you are not able to sense them, visualize them, etc., they are likely there. With experience you can tell the difference between a failed conjure and your inability to see spirits. Until then, always assume as spirit has shown up, thank it, and send it away correctly.

A spirit being “good” and a spirit being a boot-licker are two different things. I conjure lots of “good” (meaning, not predatory, friendly to humans) spirits that are short-tempered, impatient, and generally unwilling to be a doormat. Even when working with angelic spirits, perhaps the “most good” ones you can find, they get frustrated at me if I am doing something that bothers them. Just like you get irritated when people do things that bother you. Goodness is different than endless patience and a desire to comply to your every whim. Just like there are a multitude of predatory, unfriendly, wants-to-eat-you spirits who present themselves as being ultimately benevolent, sweet, and loving, there are a multitude of good spirits who present themselves honestly and don’t want to put up with your bull.

Use good manners. “Thank you for responding to my call.” “Our time to speak has come to an end, please return to your home with my best wishes.” Pleases and thank-yous go a long way in the spirit world. Don’t neglect good manners.

What good are your magical tools if you don’t believe in yourself? Your greatest power, the source of all your magic is not in your books, or crystals or herbs… No. Your greatest power comes from you. From the best of your heart, the blood flowing through your veins, the spark of thought that is who you are.
—  You’re magical, darling. Didn’t you know?-
The Basil Druid

anonymous asked:

Are there any spells to strengthen your magic as a whole? Or, at least, give you more confidence to perform a spell? If so, should you perform that before you cast another spell? If that makes any sense. Thanks!

Well, I know I have made sigils to boost one’s magical power and that of a spell, as have others:

This is what I found for spells:

As for confidence…

For spells for confidence, I have compiled a masterpost of links [here].

And yes, you should do things for confidence (if you need it) before a spell, and give it some time to kick in. It is ideal to feel confident in yourself and your magic before doing any spellwork, though I know that isn’t always possible. Seeing more of your magic turn into successes is a good way to build up that belief and confidence in your power, which in turn makes it more likely that your spells turn out well, which gives you more confidence… It’s a great never-ending circle of power. Getting started can be hard, though, and I get that. It can be hard to have complete faith, especially if you’ve never done anything before. Just do what you can to truly believe that what you’re doing is going to work. The confidence spells can help, for sure, but try your best to channel it out from within yourself, versus drawing it from an external source. (Again, I know, it can be hard - I have issues with self confidence myself, but for some reason, not when it comes to my magic. Funny.)

I hope that helps you!


페인트 - Paint

페이퍼 - Paper

펜 - Pen

연필 - pencil

색상 연필 - Colouring pencil

그리다 - To draw

그림그리다 - To paint

팔레트 - Palette  

크레파스 - Crayon pastel

지점토 -  Clay

도화지 - Drawing paper

스케치북 - Sketchbook

페인트 브러시 - Paint brush

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10 Ways to Enchant Your Breakfast: Everyday Witchcraft

✨Use herbs that match your intent for the day in an omelette or scram: basil for harmony and warding, parsley for protection, Rosemary for matters of the heart, etc.

✨Sigil infused Pancakes. This can be done a number of ways. If you’re fancy, you can cook it into the pancake by doing pancake art with the batter in a piping bag, or you can cook it in with chocolate chips or berries. You can also simply do the sigil afterwards with some syrup or other toppings.

✨Enjoy a magical tea with your morning meal. Bonus, read the leaves to see how your day will go, and anything to look forward to or watch out for.

✨Keep something constant in your meal each morning, whether it be making the same order at a coffee shop, or sitting in the same place to eat, and use the familiarity and constance of that to ease stress and bring about stability during the rest of your day

✨Find a food that makes you feel great and use it to aid glamours when you want to feel more beautiful or confident.

✨Do you have a lucky number or number correspondences that match your intention for the day? Try cutting your food into that many pieces, dividing it up into groups of that many pieces, or chewing each bite that many times as you focus on your intention.

✨Use some color magic by choosing brightly colored fruits that match your intention: strawberries for vitality, oranges for self expression, blueberries for tranquility, and so on.

✨Share some food with your deities. It can be easy to rush and get stressed in the morning, but if you can make some time to talk to your deities in the morning, it can really brighten up your day. Offer a little of your food to them as well, if that’s something they like.

✨If you’re someone who likes to make tinctures or other preserves, you could try canning some magical jam and jelly mixtures to use on the daily.

✨Just have time for some cereal or toast? Sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on top to sweeten your words during the day and get people to listen to you. Use salt and pepper the same way for protection through the day.