Sinbad no Bouken 161: The Bond Between 2 People - Translation by Captain Imgur
By Imgur

In which Ohtaka takes a moment to point out that Pipirika is also a badass warrior princess. Also a disturbing reminder of something else but nevermind that. 😐

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Hc's for Koumeis first time doing the do with his s/o if that's okay? Don't need to go into much detail :")

Well, it came out long and I kept it more on the fluff side. Hope it´s okay for you

  • I´m not eve sure, if Koumei would be the first one to attempt that important step in their relationship
  • like, he´ll be legitly scared
  • it´s always told how the guys made the step and ask their partner if it´s okay for them
  • but in this case, he has to ask that question to himself
  • is he ready? Maybe, but what will he do? How will things go? What can go wrong?
  • he does not want to ask one of his brothers, that´s not even an option
  • cause a.) Kouha would tell every.little.detail that will surely leave him even more stressed out b.) Kouen will bring out this terrible books or objects, that he used when he gave the others the talk and he does not want to hear or see that again! c.) he is not that close to Hakuryuu and Koumei is sure that he is the same as him- pure
  • and Judal? No
  • he wants to find some useful tipps in some scrolls or books
  • but nahhh, all that there is… are some detailed books with nudes and positions- you get the idea of what he had found
  • to sum it up:
  • Koumei will make sure that he is mentally prepared to take that step
  • he´ll make sure that his s/o´s ready as well
  • has the fluffiest blankets on his bed, some candles with his lovers favorite scents and the scrolls that he shoved off of his desk in some corner
  • the place should be comfy and private, right?
  • he´ll be nervous as fu** and will be his gentle self when it slowly gets heated
  • he even thinks off stopping, but the new emotions that seemed to swirl in his lovers darkened eyes, made something in him switch
  • he forgets his worries and does something that he once heard: stop thinking and just feel
  • and so he does

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Hey ele ! I was just thinking wouldn't it be nice if we come up with quotes or IDK a famous line for magi ??I'm wondering what will you choose ! 💜

Mmm, how about everyone sharing their favourite quote?

In my case, I really don’t have one, but Sche’s last words when passing the torch stuck with me (”My role ends here. I leave the future of this world to you”).

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How do you feel about Arba surviving?

Well… I can’t say I’m surprised, that’s for sure…!

To be fair, after she appeared in the Sacred Palace it was pretty obvious that she was either going to “sacrifice” herself for Il Ilah, or make it out alive (as alive as a spirit can be, I guess). And all in all, it does make sense.

Arba has been overseeing and meddling with history for centuries, but now things are different. “The world goes on, I guess” is such an out of character line for her; it’s enough to make me think that some part of her, of her views, has changed - something that’s a huge deal for someone who has had a rather static personality for over 1,000 years. Of course, does not erase or excuse all she has done in the past, and the lives she has taken.

Overall, then, I don’t have any particularly strong feelings about it. I think it make sense, it does not surprise me, and I just wonder what she will do now.

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.366:

The image is the volume 37 cover illustration.

Magi is ending in this week’s issue. I had a lot of fun writing about the Magi world during those long eight years. There were times that I felt I was incompetent, but I’ll be glad if you enjoyed it, even a little. I think Shounen mangas are the kind of things that those who read them forget about with time as they become adults. However, during those busy days, I remembered them all of a sudden and they filled me with courage. I wish if Magi becomes something like that for you and that from now on, the Magi characters are going to be by your side!

I thank everyone who sent me letters and messages as we were nearing the final chapter. I read them while thinking ‘I’m glad that I became a manga author’. I’m going to treasure them.

This is also the last backstage update, but I hope we meet again!

10/11/2017 Shinobu Ohtaka

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Hey Ele, just a quick question: Despite all the ups and downs that Magi had, are you going to miss it now that it's over?

To be honest… while I’d say “of course”, I can’t really say I actually feel it’s over.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it’s too recent, that vol.37 hasn’t come out, or that Sinbad no Bouken is still ongoing, and it’s not like I’m not feeling the effects of it being over, but those are my feelings.

Maybe after I reread it I’ll feel differently…?