Maggie Lawson
Psych Revival: USA Network Orders Holiday Reunion Movie — First Look
A round of Pineapple Razzmatazzies on the house! USA Network is reviving its late, great private eye dramedy Psych via a two-hour holiday movie — and all the usual suspects will be back. Psych: The…
By Michael Ausiello


Shout out to Psych for the Chief Vick/Juliette relationship. It one of the best (read: one of the only) example of women supporting women on TV. Chief Vick is not just Juliette’s boss she’s her mentor and grows to be her friend as well. Dispite being two women in a male driven occupation and show they’re never pitted against each other. They never engage in rivalry there is nothing but support and pride in each other’s accomplishments. When the Chief has to lecture Jules on wrongdoings it’s done from a maternal/sisterly pov and nether tears down the other to get ahead. Each woman is a fully fleshed out completely badass character and it’s absolutely wonderful and refreshing to see and it’s one of the reasons I keep coming back to the show again and again.

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