Most important thing in the German cuisine.

My worst cultural difference has been cooking Bolognese sauce with an Italian friend who completely rejected my helpful advice to add some Maggi.

Even if you have Chinese, French or English food: With the right amount of Maggi (for English, a dosage above one bottle is advised) everything is quickly taking on the sophisticated taste of glorious Heimatland. Lecker, lecker!


I will never not love it *-*


Maggi / 1st Year / Biology Pre-Med

South Campus

One of the most notable parts about this cheery, cozy room is the amount of pictures on the walls. “I get really homesick even though I live an hour away, but that explains the many pictures”, Maggi points out as she gestures to the clothesline that she positioned above her shelf. “I really like my picture clothesline, especially when the heater is on and it makes it move." 

Her use of the space above her bed, especially putting three shelves on one side to make more room by the top of the bed, makes a warm, cozy looking corner. The wall space is really well utilized. "My room at home is really full- every single wall is covered by paintings or lights or pictures or whatever, so I don’t like having empty space. I love christmas, it’s one of my favorite holidays, so I love christmas lights." 

Maybe one of my favorite parts of this room is the hot cocoa and tea station- prefect for a chill day like today (It’s currently 7 degrees)! 

Hot drinks, fuzzy pillows, christmas lights and pictures from home… this room couldn’t get more comfortable.

A couple friends here in Mexico City ordered up a pizza for lunch, and while I expected to see it arrive with a bottle of Tabasco, I was surprised to find they also put Maggi sauce on it.

So I had to try it.

And the flavors worked surprisingly well together!