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OK OK OK ALEX IS TOTALLY GAY AND SHES SO GAY FOR MAGGIE LIKE I HVNT FELT THIS HAPPY IN SO LONG like im not just being an optimistic lesbean right, theres totally subtext????

LISTEN, all i have is this pile of evidence ok:

1) Alex mentioning that she didn’t go on a date in two years, and then in the next episode Maggie appears, COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

2) Alex literally never had a male love interest (if u don’t count Max bc they had chemistry but she clearly despised him bc he wanted to get her sister killed)

3) She went out (once or twice?) on a dinner with Max but she still said she didn’t go on a date in two years which means she didn’t count Max as her date bc she’s……. wait for it…………… GAY.

4) When I rewatched s1 I noticed how many times Alex talked about “coming out” (literally using those words, too). And some important moments (off the top of my head):

- “You exposed yourself. To the world. You’re out there now, Kara. Everyone will know about you and you can’t take that back.”

- Mom: She’s been here 12 years, and still thinks deep down everyone is as good as she is. You know better. You should have stopped her.

Alex: I do know better about people. I wish I didn’t.

- Alex being afraid she was never good enough for her mom, and apologizing for keeping things from her. And crying when she learned that she didn’t have to fight for her mother’s acceptance anymore. Literally her entire relationship with her mom tbh and the jealousy she felt that they’ve always accepted Kara (but she had to hide?)

5) Maggie/Alex fighting at the crime scene, and fighting for dominance jurisdiction, but saving each other’s lives at the end of the episode is the classic trope for lovers.


If they were a man and a woman everyone would be like “THEY’RE GONNA BANG” so why would it be any different in this case? That was totally flirting.

7) Maggie complimenting her on “her ride” and telling her what kind of bike she has, just to let her know that they have that in common. aka what u do when u like someone. Plus emotional conversations to understand each other better etc.

8) “See you around, Danvers.” and then suddenly she’s calling her on her cellphone like…….. she could’ve called J’onn lmao but nope, she called Alex. It’s true that she and Alex had more interaction, but she was lowkey pissed at Alex so why call her? I can’t think of any other reason that the fact that Maggie thinks she’s cute af and wanted to see her again. Otherwise she would’ve called anyone else at the DEO to give them info. But the writers wanted these two together.

9) Need any more reasons than the obvious chemistry and UST?

10) THEY TOTALLY WENT OUT ON A DATE C’MON. That was so damn smooth like “here, lemme show u a bar, FOR WORK PURPOSES, buy u a drink and introduce u to my ex that works there just to let u know that I like the ladies”

11) Maggie’s ex checking Alex out and then looking at Maggie saying “you moved on quick” HELLO???? WHY WOULD THE WRITERS PUT THAT IN THE SCRIPT

12) Maggie pointing out that she also dates humans. JUST FYI ALEX, U TOTALLY NEEDED TO KNOW THIS. FOR THE MISSION.

13) When Winn asked where she got the info Alex just waved her hand and said “it’s a long story” NO, ALEX, IT’S REALLY NOT. “A detective from the crime scene got me the info” would’ve been the correct answer. But u know that thing where you just met someone and you’re not sure what your feelings for them are so u try not to mention that person to anyone until u figure it out? And also bc it’s just nice to keep ur crush to yourself sometimes bc it’s something precious and just yours and u don’t want the world to touch it and ruin it? Especially if you’re not sure what’s happening atm so you wanna wait before u tell ur friends? THIS WAS IT.

14) Maggie saying “Gee, I didn’t think you cared” and Alex saying “yeah pfffff” and avoiding eye contact.

15) “You should really get some rest. You can stay here if you want.” SMOOTH, ALEX.

16) “You got a hot date or something?” This is literally just Alex being jealous and trying to see if Maggie was single. Like, if she didn’t know Maggie liked girls I’m 101% sure she wouldn’t have said this. Ask yourself how many times you teased ur crush about dating only bc u hoped they would actually date you (or is it just me? okay)

17) “I don’t wanna leave the lady waiting” There’s literally no reason why writers would insist so much on Maggie’s love life unless it was important for the bigger plot. I doubt they’re gonna give her some random girlfriend, it has to be one of the other main characters. Alex is the obvious choice here. And then she adds “See you around, Danvers.” and Alex lowkey checks her out as she leaves.

I’m like 99% u didn’t want me to analyze every single moment of their interaction but there u go lmao anyway, IT’S PRACTICALLY CANON. That’s all, thank u for ur time.

I’m just saying, while Alex and Maggie do seem at odds at first, the fact that they’re at odds over alien rights is probably why Alex gets so comfortable so fast, and falls as hard as she does. Everyone she meets, since she was a teenager, every action she takes, she asses from the angle, probanly just instinctively by now, ‘will thia keep kara safe.’ And this a woman who she doesn’t have to worry about hurting Kara, who’s a champion of alien rights. This is a woman who, if she found out that Kara was supergirl, would not be a threat to her sister. And with that on her mind, it’s a lot easier to let herself develop feelings