Magda Sayeg

You might not know Magda Sayeg’s name, but I’m sure you’ve either seen her work or the work of those influenced by her. She was one of the first “yarn bombers”—she who creates street art except instead of using paint, she uses yarn. She knits and crochets contrasting patterns and colors all over just about anything you can think of from cars to street poles to tree trunks.

… learn more about Magda, see more pics and read her interview over at Design Milk.


Yarn bombingcovering mundane objects (street signs, stairs, gates, pipes, etc.) with colorful knit and crochet work.

Sounds awesome, right? Do yourself a favor and check out the work of Magda Sayeg and Knitta Please, a group of guerrilla knitters who are doing great things to the dull, urban streets around the world. Here’s a peak at a documentary in the works about the yarn graffiti movement.