October 1939 issue

cover by Lawrence Toney

Norman A. Daniels, “The Hanging Skull”  (Bill Donovan)

Theodore Tinsley, “The Yellow Man” (Carrie Cashin)  

Norvell W. Page, “Jewel Kill”  [Angus Saint-Cloud (The Death Angel)]

Mark Harper, “Two in the Dark”  (Cass Manning)

Ned O’Doherty, “You Can’t Smuggle Death” (Cy English)

Victor Coffin, “Brain Work"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

Cassandra: Cole, I found a locket on my pillow earlier…
Cole: It was Anthony’s.
Cassandra: It was my grandmother’s, actually, but it had Anthony’s portrait inside. I thought I’d lost it.
Cole: You did lose it. I had to fight a rat for it.
Cassandra: Oh? Thank you.
Cole: He wasn’t a very big rat.

Tomorrow is basically an official holiday because it’s Liam Payne’s 22nd birthday, and now we’re getting our hopes up that he’ll be celebrating with Zayn Malik! A fan sent a direct message to the Bradford Bad Boy’s cousin, Jawaad Saeed, asking if they were going to party with the One Direction singer, and he left everything purposefully vague.

It’s also the first time a 1D guy has had a birthday since Zayn left the group, so we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see if the solo artist addresses Payno’s big day, especially because they’ve been so supportive of each other, even after all the drama.

‘‘I remember thinking, Ellen, how in God’s name could you make this film and not be out? What’s interesting to me is how long it took to make the movie - for it to finally come together - and how my internal progression toward coming out was naturally in line with it. Stacie and Laurel’s story is incredibly inspiring and did take a lot of courage, particularly in a time of such unimaginable difficulty. It really make me go, Dude, just tell people you’re gay. Just get over yourself, honestly, and support those who are not as privileged. It’s like, You have fucking privilege, so do something with it.’‘

- Ellen Page in the October 2015 issue of OUT Magazine

The anti-gay rhetoric of the right is turning into, “Gays are actually bigoted against us because we don’t get to express our religious freedom.” Religion has always been used for beautiful things, and also as a way to justify discrimination—whether it’s gender, or race, or the LGBT community, or what have you… First, just do not treat people like second-class citizens. Please do not devalue our love. Do not make us compromise on how we share our love with another person. Saying that we cannot get married like heterosexual people can, that is what you’re doing. Please don’t give me this religious rhetoric. I don’t actually care. You are completely devaluing who we are as people.
—  Ellen Page on LGBTQ rights