Forget about Life & Style, it’s a rag mag. The real story is why is people magazine that broke the story ignoring the birth. This is their current issue for Feb 8 and nowhere in the mag does it say the baby was born. Not even a simple sentence on the announcements page

And before you say maybe they went to press early, notice Michael Buble and his baby born the day after on Jan 22 is there

Luke Poole

So, from my internet digging today I have found out the following about Luke Poole. 

Luke reared his head yesterday when he was suddenly ‘Briana’s BFF’ according to Heat Magazine. 

Luke also appeared to be an up and coming model around 18 months ago, in LA.

In November 2014, he moved to NYC from LA to pursue his modelling career:

Weirdly, he also seemed to then delete his Instagram account @lukepoole1994. His address wasn’t mistyped by this guy as it shows up again…

Strange, for an up and coming model?

New York didn’t seem to work out for him as the last mention I can find of him is as a photographers assistant for Irvin Rivera in LA - the same person who took the photos of him for Models Direct Management (this is a screenshot from Borealis Magazine, issue 6, page 50, January 2016).

So. Did modelling not work out for him? Is that why he’s trying to get his name in the press? Or was there another reason he had to return to LA?

Curiouser and curiouser. I feel like we will be hearing more from Luke soon…

EDIT: There are two other Instagram accounts - @luke_poole100 and @lukepoole100, which both also seem like they could be him. The first has no posts but follows/is followed by over a thousand shady looking people; the second has posts from LA but nothing more recently than 77 weeks ago. So I guess @lukepoole1994 is the most recent account, which has now been wiped.


The Black Panther Party Newspaper

Not really a magazine, it was a weekly newspaper published by the Black Panther Party from 1967-80. Art directed by Revolutionary Artist and Minister of Culture Emory Douglas, The Black Panther covers were a combination of Douglas’s own powerful illustration, collage, high-contrast photographs, and poster-like graphics.

Many of these covers are courtesy of Babylon Falling and Emory Douglas Art, both great resources for The Black Panther covers, inside pages, posters, and graphics.

Babylon Falling:
Emory Douglas Art:

See more Black Panther newspaper covers here:

okay we all complain about adrien never changing his clothes but if i owned stuff even half this expensive i’d wear it all the time too

i mean i know this is a totally average/reasonable price for high fashion but oh my god, adrien, your t-shirt alone costs over a hundred euros no wonder you have to show it off every day

TWD #15 “The Kids Are Alright” page 38

Reading the newest issue of TWD magazine, a lovely, insightful story in how the children of the ZA grow, thrive or meet their fate.

Beth is the first kid profiled with Carl, Lizzie and Mika also mentioned. Very interesting analyses and well worth a read. 😉😂👏🏻