•Adrien Agreste: Gabriel Agreste’s charming son
 School and Work: Is there room for love?
•Gabriel Agreste: 15 Photos from the new colletion
•Well done? Ladybug and Chat Noir: A couple?
 The exclusive interview, part 2

EDIT: It’s “charmant" now instead of “beau fils” (which rather means “step son” than “handsome son” ooops) - many thanks to @fairymarie​, who helped this
unfrenchy doodle noodle in dire need! 


So this is the companion piece to Marinettes cover shot. The magazine must be making quite a lot of money since the Interview with Ladybug and Chat Noir is split in two…nasty 

I’ve been receiving so many kind messages lately, (some of them I can’t reply to for they´re anon orz) and the reblog tags are really making my shitty days, so thank you very much you awesome people and Miraculous fandom :)


now on society 6!
Maris Cover
Adriens Cover