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how do you pronounce mafydds name?

I answered this on AO3, so I’m gonna cut and paste:

Mafydd is technically pronounced with the ‘th’ at the end, like Lludd (which is a Welsh habit with the 'dd’), BUT, because upper class fae speak Queen’s English, they all actually prefer - in the higher classes - using the hard D sound instead.

So Mafydd prefers Mah-Fidd. And Lludd prefers that pronunciation too (Lud rhymes with hood).

But someone like Augus, who is also Welsh but was raised underfae, would pronounce the names properly everywhere but in the Court itself. He does pronounce Mafydd the way Gwyn does, but in his head he’s given it the 'correct’ pronunciation.

His mother who named Mafydd, preferred Mafydd to pronounce it the way it was intended. But Mafydd was a little shit. ;)

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Is there a ship name for Mafydd and Gwyn??


Chapter 25 (family) of GAME THEORY is up! :D

No new warnings, though Augus is being at turns awesome and then a dick as per usual.

Also, for folks wanting to see Augus’ thoughts - or at least some of them - and whether he feels any guilt about what he did during his reign as Unseelie King, this is the chapter to read, pretty much.

Chapter 25 of Game Theory @ AO3

The Drawn Bead - Chapter 01 posted!

Please read all the tags and the major archive warnings, as well as the notes!

Rating - Explicit
Chapters - 3.5 of 5 (this is chapter 1)

SUMMARY: Deliberately isolated from others by his family, Gwyn has never had the chance to make friends, or bond with people, until Mafydd comes to visit the family estate. His awakening into what it is to have a friend, and even a lover, happens quickly - but it’s dangerous, Mafydd is a Reader (empath) and Gwyn has a terrible secret that he cannot share. And with Efnisien lurking nearby, Lludd disapproving and Mafydd and Gwyn having to hide their relationship, they are in more danger than they can possibly know.

Here’s where you can find it:

Chapter 01 of The Drawn Bead @ AO3


A song that reminds me of Gwyn’s thoughts on his past / Mafydd. Haaaaa.

Good times.


‘Come here. Pretty please. Can you tell me where I am?
You…won’t you say something? I need to get my bearings.
I’m lost, and the shadows keep on changing…
But I’m haunted.
By the lives that I have loved.
And actions I have hated…
I’m haunted.
By the lives that wove the web inside my haunted head.
Don’t cry. There’s always a way.
Here in November in this house of leaves I’ll pray.
Please - I know it’s hard to believe…
to see a perfect forest through so many splintered trees .
You and me, and these shadows keep on changing.
And I’m haunted, by the lives that I have loved
and actions I have hated.
I’m haunted by the promises I’ve made, and others I have broken.
I’m haunted by the lives that wove the web inside my haunted head.

I’ll always want you. I’ll always need you.
I’ll always love you. And I will always miss you…’


I’ll find a happy Gwyn and Augus song I PROMISE I WILL

kazechama replied to your post:I have the bad habit of connecting songs and characters haphazardly. today I connect Gwyn to ‘Gold’ by Owl City. Then I began quietly laughing at “shout out to the hearts you’ll break.’ because I am an awful person (and I don’t want to look up that poor boys name.)

You just wanna see my cry, right? Finishing The Drawn Bead? I’d love to read it, but it would break my heart in at least 20 horcruxes.

20 horcruxes?

Challenge accepted. :D

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Gwyn, do you still eat oranges?

We had an orange grove, when I was growing up, and so oranges featured in our diet, particularly in winter - since they are winter-grown and very rare.

Crielle would not have tolerated me avoiding any part of my meal; even if I was allergic. I remember there was a period of time where I wished not to eat them, but Crielle noticed and ensured that many were plentiful until I understood that I should not avoid the abundance and fruitfulness of the land due to personal dislike. It was a lesson well-learned.

So I have always eaten oranges. Though I do eat them less than I was obligated to, at the An-Fnwy estate.

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I really need to NEVER reread The Drawn Bead like ever again. Yeah I thought it would be a good idea to reread it do day. cause yeah it is sad and horribly sad and shit but we get to see baby Gwyn and Gwyn and Mafydd fucking and that is fun, but no it is not worth it. ....*cries* baby *cries more*

I have reread it once and haven’t actually touched it with a ten foot pole since, except to check for a quick reference.


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idk if this question has been answered (and if it has im sorry) but do readers have heartsongs? if so what were Mafydd and Mikkels?

Hiya anon!

I’ve answered, but don’t apologise, some of that stuff is buried like years back. :D

Readers do have heartsongs, and Mafydd’s and Mikkel’s were respectively:

Mafydd Brant: Boldness

Mikkel the Reader: Perception/Perceptiveness

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What does the title of 'The Drawn Bead' actually refer to? I mean, how did you come up with that name?

It’s an archery term.

To ‘draw a bead’ on something is to take aim at something with your arrow (and has translated to gun hunting since then in some circles - 'to draw a bead on your target’).

It is a reference to Mafydd’s fate, and Gwyn’s role in it. If I had written the last chapter, Lludd would have made specific mention of the term. The fact that it’s in past tense ('the drawn bead’ as opposed 'to draw a bead’) suggests that the aim has already been taken when you start reading the story.

In other words, they were doomed as soon as they met each other. The arrow was already pointing at the target, so to speak. The archery symbolism would have been more obvious, I think, maybe, who knows, if I’d written that fifth chapter; but the idea was there would be archery in the first chapter (Mafydd and Gwyn going off to shoot arrows together and comparing their skills), and tragically, there would have been archery in the last chapter too.

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in your end notes for The Drawn Bead, you mention Mafydd telling Gwyn "that they will get him out of there, and go to the Unseelie Court and ask for asylum". If Mafydd had survived Gwyn's family, would he have actually gone through with it and done that? Or was he just saying that he would without any intent to follow through?

Yeah, Mafydd would have taken Gwyn straight to the Unseelie Court and asked for asylum, and Gwyn would have been granted it immediately. And Mafydd would have left and tried to forget about it, basically.

Mafydd meant well, with Gwyn. He didn’t want a relationship with him, and he didn’t love him, but he had a good heart, and he wanted him to not be in that much pain anymore.

Chapter 2 (Taste) of THE DRAWN BEAD is up!

For those late to the party, this is the unfinished tragic tale of Gwyn and Mafydd, initially intended to be 5 chapters long, but I only got as far as 3.5 chapters. However, I still wanted to put up what I had, so that people could see a younger, more innocent Gwyn, and also a snapshot into his family life (i.e. worldbuilding). Though there’s less of his family life in this chapter, and more explicit deepthroating and Mafydd being a general brat. Gwyn had to learn his talent somewhere!

Chapter 2 at AO3!

Read the tags and warnings and etc. :)

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But it was Mafydd who came over to Gwyn, drawing him into his strong arms and staring at the door like Lludd would come through it at any moment. Gwyn would know if he was, he’d hear him, the footsteps. But there were no footsteps outside of his room. Gwyn lay stiff in Mafydd’s arms. He didn’t want to be comforted. He shouldn’t be with him at all. It didn’t matter how he felt, it didn’t matter how much he liked him, this was a recipe for disaster.

Under a read more because FEELS.

This excerpt is from The Drawn Bead, the end of chapter 3, I’m pretty sure.

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augus' thought process when gwyn was telling him about mafydd was interesting. his thinking 16 was a child, what would a 16 year old fae be in comparison to human years and mental development? and what would mafydd's human age equivalent have been? i'm not sure what to think about mafydd now, gwyn's narratives are so unreliable and augus was quite judgemental about him.

I answer a chunk of this in this ask, in regards to Gwyn’s mental age equivalent.

It’s safe to say that Gwyn’s perception of his own feelings for Mafydd (that they were love) was real. It’s also safe to say that Mafydd was a boy looking to have a good time, and that…Augus isn’t entirely wrong to interpret things the way he did. But as Gwyn rightly said, he wanted it.

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First of all, good luck with your medical things and I wish you all the best <3 Secondly, could you give us a better idea of what Mafydd looks like to you? I know you have very set ideas on how your characters look usually.

Thanks Anon, the next four months are actually pretty packed with appointments (I already know I need another 5-6 dental appointments). Today was tumour testing, and next week I’ll get the results of that. Whee, all the fun stuff.

As for Mafydd, he’s tall (he was actually a little taller than Gwyn in TBD, but Gwyn eventually eclipsed him in height; Mafydd was about 187cm), thin, rangy, has short, straight, stiff cropped (about a centimetre and a half in length), dark brown hair and raw sienna eyes (you can google search the colour raw sienna for an idea there). He’s pale and has red-based white skin (as opposed to like tan or anything else), freckled. He’s kind of a bit lanky and coltish, and he was still growing into his body at the time. :)

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"‘Will you touch yourself?’ Gwyn said, thinking his heart was too big for his chest, that it was beating too fast. The beat was pushing up into his throat, he felt dizzy." Gwyn, honey, that feeling that you're going to throw up your heart? Yeah, that's called love. It's okay, I know you need to adjust to that idea. Take your time.


Because Mafydd.

augus-each-uisge replied to your post: how do you pronounce mafydds name?

// I think I’m speaking for a few people when I say… That made no sense xD And didn’t help at all lol. I’ve been enunciating the y in Mafydd I think… but other than that, got it right xP Thought Lludd rhymed with something like mud though. XD

It does make sense if you research other languages/dialects! ;)

Welsh has a lot of rules about double consonants (and well…a lot of things). DD is generally pronounced ‘TH’ instead. It’s only because of their status and their expectation to convert to another accent and language that Gwyn and Mafydd pronounce it differently. 

But I’m not here to give people a crash course in Welsh; still - research the Welsh language, and you’ll probably find a lot of the pronunciation rules illuminated. Sometimes it’s important not to take the English pronunciation rules for granted! Especially when Glashtyn / Gwyn ap Nudd / Lludd / Efnisien / Mafydd are all Welsh names.

Chapter 3 (Full) of THE DRAWN BEAD is up!!!

This is for the Gwyn/Mafydd short-series that is unfinished, that provides a snapshot into Gwyn’s past, as well as Gwyn in a far more innocent time.

Please read the warnings and look after yourselves, this chapter gets a bit heavier compared to the others.

After that, there’s only a half left tomorrow, and then that’s it.

Chapter 3 of The Drawn Bead @ AO3

Thanks for reading/feedbacking! You folks sure know how to make a writerly person feel special. :)

(Now I’m seeing ‘the dawn bread’ everywhere, omg).