Tupac and Rosie Perez at the Soul Train Music Awards on March 9, 1993. 

Rosie Perez reveled that Tupac offered to accompany her to the award show after he learned that her date stood her up. In return she hooked him up with Madonna.

2017’s HOLLYWOOD HEROINES: These women are the movie industry’s most exciting talents - and 2017 is their year - photography: Steven Pan - styling: Alison Edmond - hair: Teddy Charles - makeup: Mary Wiles - set design: JC Molina - The Edit May 2017

  • Zoey Deutch: “Deutch, 22, has pedigree (her mother is actress Lea Thomson; her father director Howard Deutch) but her talent speaks for itself. fitness it in the J.D. Salinger-based Rebel in the Rye and comedy The Year of Spectacular Men.”
  • Kimberley Steward: “This year, Manchester by the Sea was shortlisted for a Best Picture Oscar; making Seward, 36 the second black female producer ever to earn the nomination. She’ll next take on the remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria.”
  • Sasha Lane: “Lane, 21, wa cast in indie hit American Honey - her debut - after being scouted on a beach; she’s now a darling of both the film and fashion worlds. See her next in the The Miseducation of Cameron Post. with Chloë Grace Moretz.”
  • Patty Jenkins: “Her feature-length directing debut, Monster, won Charlinze Theron an Oscar. Now, after helming cult TV shows such as Arrested Development and The Killing, Jenkins, 45, is back to the big screen with blockbuster Wonder Woman.”
  • Sofia Boutella: “After working as a dancer for Madonna, Hollywood beckons for Algerian-born Boutella, 35, via action franchises like Kingsman and Star Trek. This year, she takes on The Mummy with Tom Cruise and David Leitch’s Atomic Blonde.”

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On this day in music history: May 19, 1990 - “Vogue” by Madonna hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, also topping the Club Play chart for 2 weeks on the same date. Written and produced by Madonna and Shep Pettibone, it is the eighth chart topping single for the pop music superstar born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. Collaborating with club DJ, remixer, and producer Shep Pettibone, Madonna decide to come up with a non-album B-side for the “Like A Prayer” albums’ fifth single “Keep It Together”. The singer is inspired by dancers she sees at the New York City club The Sound Factory doing a stylized dance called “voguing”. Originating in New York’s black and latino underground gay clubs and drag balls as early as the 1960’s, the dance takes its name from the fashion magazine “Vogue”, with the dance being a series of “angular, rigid hand, arm, leg and body movements” designed to look like the person is posing like a model while they are moving. When Madonna lets Warner Bros. know of her original intent to the use the song as a B-side, their great enthusiasm for the track persuade her to release it an A-side instead. “Vogue” is also added to the album “I’m Breathless” which includes songs from the film “Dick Tracy” in which she plays the character Breathless Mahoney. The songs popularity is further heightened by a memorable and striking black and white video directed by David Fincher (“Fight Club”, “Se7en”), featuring several of the dancers Madonna originally sees performing the dance, becoming dancers on the “Blonde Ambition Tour” in 1990. Entering the Hot 100 at #39 on April 14, 1990, it leaps to the top of the chart five weeks later. In 2010, “Vogue” is featured in “The Power Of Madonna” episode of the television show “Glee”, when the song is used in a spoof of the music video performed by actress Jane Lynch. The same year, Madonna and co-writer/producer Shep Pettibone are sued by Salsoul Records, claiming that “Vogue” samples a portion of The Salsoul Orchestra’s disco classic “Love Break”. The court eventually settles the lawsuit in Madonna’s favor. As a result of the suit, Warner Bros stops publishing royalty payments to Pettibone, who files suit against WB Music and Warner/Chappell Music in April of 2017, claiming that he is owed more than $500,000 in back royalties. To date, the suit is still pending. “Vogue” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Madonna photographed in Alphabet City by Richard Corman, 1982.

Richard Corman had just finished an apprenticeship with Richard Avedon in 1982 and was referred to Madonna by his mother who was casting Martin Scorsece’s “The Last Temptation of Christ”.  At the time, Madonna was an aspiring dancer, actress, and singer. She had auditioned for the movie and Richard’s mother saw something special in the unknown Madonna that her son could capture on film with some modeling and audition shots. On their first outing in 1982, Madonna walked Richard Corman around her neighborhood, using anything she came across as a casual backdrop for an afternoon of shooting. “I followed her around the Lower East Side,” says Richard. “She was so comfortable — it was as if she was in her own backyard.” 

Iconic photographer Richard Corman remembers the first time he met Madonna. He told Rolling Stone magazine:

“[It was] in the summer of 1982 at her apartment on the Lower East Side. Prior to entering the building, I had to call her from a phone booth from across the street as she let me know, under no uncertain terms, that I was not to enter the building without her alerting all of the tenants due to a lot of illegal activity going on, on the stoop and on the ground floor – which she had no part in… There was a group of kids outside the building, on the stoop, in the hallways, and when I said I was there for Madonna the seas parted. I looked up the staircase, and I saw this girl leaning over the edge of the banister, and even from three stories below I could see these catlike eyes just looking down. I knew at that moment that she had something special — I really did.”

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The Happy Ending Con 2017 - Michael, Robbie & Giles Panel
  • Robbie would play monopoly if all the Golds had fam game night (x)
    • Giles would like the Gold Family to play Twister (x)
    • Giles would play Barr Knuckle Boxing and Rumple would win bc he would bring a knife (x)
    • If all the gold men got together for game night what would you play Robbie: Monopoly Giles: Boxing Michael agreed (x)
  • Robbie: PP would want to corrupt both his grandsons and would stop at nothing to make sure they were not great ppl (x)
    • Peter Pan would make sure they are corrupted. Couldn’t have happened to bicer actors though (x)
  • Micheal felt uneasy yesterday and overwhelmed but loves how lovely everyone has been (x)
    • Michael- Cons are something unnatural for me but its nicer than I thought. Everyone is very sweet (x)
  • Neal would have loved to meet Gideon but the reality is his focus would have been on Henry, he would want Gideon to be an uncle (x)
    • Neal would have been happy to meet Gidden but only if he was willing to be a good uncle to Henry because Neals world is Henry (x)
  • Michael just got freaked out by his own reflection - Giles: He’s a vampire (x)
  • The identity of Gideon’s heart is Belle. Gideon’s family is important and he would have made a genuine effort to reach out to Bae (x)
  • Robbie would HYPOTHETICALLY love to explore  his relation with his son in s7 (x)
  • What was the funniest/weirdest moment on set? Robbie: this panel! Giles: On set!!! Robbie: we’re being filmed right now. This is S7! (x)
  • Giles couldn’t stop laughing in one scene with Jaime (x)
    • Funny moments Giles: Jaime Murray in gold shop he   couldn’t stop laughing for some reason & Jaime kept making a faces (x)
  • Funny moments Robbie: after a long day on set people get more funny as the day goes on everything gets funny (x)
  • Robbie: after a long time the threshold for what’s funny just goes down and it gonna be difficult takes ahead (x)
  • Robbie : at 3 am (shooting) everything becomes funny cause everybody is just tired and delirious (x)
  • Funny moments Michael: Colin & I had a competition to see who could get the other to laugh first by sneaking into scenes ect (x)
  • Micheal didn’t see season 6 (x)
    • How do u think Neal would feel about Runples efforts to be good at the end of season 6?MRJ: remind me again what happens in season 6? (x)
  • Neal would support any effort of Rumple to be good (x)
  • Giles and Michael Raymond James are crying of laughter at the panel, this is amazing (x)
  • Michael just decided standing is better than sitting. And now he is sitting behind the couch (x)
  • Favorite line “Peter Pan never fails… well, except for those 2 times he died” - Robbie (x)
  • Favourite line? MRJ: To jamiechung: there’s a movie of you! Giles: loved lines w/ Jen. I’m bot going to kill you. You’ll see. (x)
  • Favourite TV-Shows: Robbie: House of Cards. He watched all of it in a few weeks. Giles loves Documentaries. Loved “Strike a pose” (x)
    • Robbie loves House of Cards, Giles loves documentaries and Michael everything with Robbie in it (x)
    • MRJ: Everything starring Robbie Kay is good for me. I really like a show called Peaky Blinders (x)
    • Giles: I loved the show “strike a pose” where it was about madonnas backing dancers in the 80s it was interesting (x)
  • Which Characters from ouat would you FMK? Robbie: Gideon for all three. In that order (x)
    • Giles: Kill Wicked Witch, marry Emma, sleep with “let’s just say. She’s evil. (x)
    • Who would you marry, kill and sleep with Michael: Kill Gidden fuck myself Marry Robbie (x)
  • MRJ achieved his life goal when becoming a father.biggest goal he could ever hope to achieve.and to see them happy. (x)
  • Giles: career goal: roles that mean sth to him. Personal: someone he loves that will always have his back (x)
    • Life goals! Robbie: a life fulfilled Michael: becoming a father seeing my kids happy Giles: playing more range off characters (x)



James Bay - Let It Go - Dance | A Breakup Story #DanceOnJamesBay

A Breakup Story…. So You Think You Can Dance finale choreographer Talia Favia’s take on breakout singer/songwriter James Bay’s “Let it Go”, performed by Madonna principal lead dancer Chaz Buzan and Courtney Schwartz is a chill-inducing mix of heartfelt emotion. 




          Niki Haris was Madonna’s backup singer and dancer on the Blond Ambition tour and we see her in the documentary Madonna Truth or Dare ( In Bed with Madonna ). Niki has admitted in an interview she hasn’t watched Truth or Dare in over 20 years. She also hasn’t seen Strike A Pose (about the dancers who were in Truth or Dare). Niki is still in contact with Madonna’s dancers from the Blond Ambition tour. Niki admitted one of her favourite Madonna concerts she has worked on was the Blond Ambition tour.

          Niki Haris worked with Madonna from 1987 to 2001. She started working with Madonna on her Who’s that Girl tour. She appeared in Madonna’s music video for VOGUE and MUSIC. She also worked on Madonna’s Girlie Show in 1993 and the Drowned World tour in 2001. Niki choreographed the MTV Awards for Madonna as well as choreographing The Girlie Show. Niki also had a personal history with Madonna behind the scenes she went to Madonna’s BBQs; she watched movies with Madonna, threw her a baby shower and comforted her when she had a death in her family.

          During Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour in 2004 Haris was replaced with Siedah Garrett, because Niki said she “would like to focus on her solo career and family.” When Niki was asked why there was a falling out between her and Madonna she replied “Maybe there was some drama, but I didn’t buy into it. We were sisters for years… at the end of the day, really she is a gem and I’m so grateful.” Haris said “We both knew by that last tour I had broken my legs, learned how to walk again, how to dance again, and did that tour with really bad injuries. It was okay but painful. Now, I was 41 and pregnant… of course, my ego was involved: ‘Oh, she don’t want me no more!’ but at the end of the day she gave me the greatest gift. Because of her, I got to spend every freaking day with my kid, doing the music I love to do. I’m close to ‘the family’ still. She knows I love her and she loves me.”

          Niki Haris is an American actress, dancer and singer. She was born in Michigan and is the daughter of jazz music artist Gene Harris. Niki Haris has a daughter Jordan Ann who was born in 2003. Niki has performed for charity benefits such as AIDS, Cancer research and Camp Harmony for inner city children. She supports the Music in the Classroom program and Rockers Against Drunk Driving and is participant in the Season for Non Violence.

          She has worked since with her friend Donna De Lory, who also has worked with Madonna. She worked on Donna’s single KINDER which was on Donna’s album THE UNCHANGING . Niki has also released a single BAD, BAD BOY which is collaborated with The Perry Twins. Niki has teamed up with Donna again to cover Madonna’s single RAIN.

          Niki has also worked with a variety of music artist including Michelle Branch, All Saints, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue, Anita Baker, Ray Charles, Mick Jagger, Julian Lennon, LeAnn Rimes, Luther Vandross, Jessica Simpson, Pussycat Dolls, Santana, The Righteous Brothers, Rufus, Enrique Iglesias, Marilyn Manson, Tom Jones, Snap!, Joe Henry, Michael Bernar Beckwith and Ani DiFranco. She has done choreography for Melrose Place and stage scenes for Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. She has also worked on many film soundtracks.