When you’re too much of a cripple punk to care and become a magical girl 

(San Japan Mini Mini Con was a TON of fun! Minus a few ablest comments :l Will be doing photoshoot of my other cosplays soon! Yay!) More can be found of me and other chronic cosplayers at


it’s been one year since my very first cosplay at fan expo 2013. (god tier john egbert - see first picture) i pulled it all together 3 days before the convention, including the hammer which i made myself! i’ve grown and expanded so much in this past year, not only with my cosplays, but as a person too. i’ve improved my makeup, wig styling, and sewing, and i’ve met so many awesome people. from panels, to photoshoots, to just goofing around at conventions and meet-ups, this year has really been amazing. i can’t wait to see what this next year brings!


“If someone says it’s wrong to hope, I will tell them that they’re wrong every time. I could tell them that countless times!”

“Something that could bring down a god and imprison her… I suppose you could only call such a being a demon.”

Godoka: Cifera

Homulilly: Vaults

Homura Akemi: Seerofsarcasm


New makeup tutorial is up~!
I finally updated, haha. ;_;
I hope it will be helpful!


Amazing Male to Female Cosplays:

Princess Zelda by Faxen

Photography by Ruet-Beer


Ryuko Matoi by Lee Hong Zhu

Photography by Melvina Chua


Generation Ahri by DANNY.

Photography by The Photojaneic


Royal Suit Alice by J.Hart Design

Photography by ChezPhoto


Lightning Farron by Aqua101390

Photography by Dinnerfortwo


Aurora by Theofficialariel

Photography by Jenniehipstagramsitall


Kaname Madoka by Tilttu

Photography by Jorma Ranta


Ruby Rose by Adellexe

Photography by Kippygraphy


We have recieved permission to display each one of these images

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Katsucon 2014

| Kaname Madoka | Akemi Homura | Tomoe Mami | Miki Sayaka |
| Sakura Kyouko | Ultimate Madoka | Devil Homura |

Photography by Gihoule