This is for those who shout Long live the Queen! as they fight against the Red Guard in the streets. This is for those who have no choice but to bend and break under Uncle Silas’ thumb. This is for those who cower before power-drunk madmen like Captain Sinclair, he who expected me to keep my pretty mouth shut and received a revolution in return. 

This is for my citizens, my castle, my country.

This is for Michael.

au where star-crossed lovers spark a revolution and a lover lost is a war won

oneshot based off of halsey’s castle for morgan’s BADLANDS challenge, coming soon to 5sosff and tumblr.
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M. Brundage, August 1938.

Margaret Brundage was a rarity in the circle of literary madmen who gave birth to the rise of American pulp fiction: a woman in a field almost completely dominated by men, making art that was controversial even by pulp standards.

She was also outright despised by some of her male colleagues, and eventually an artist who became a victim of moral watchdog-pressured censorship. 

But what do Walt Disney, Tennessee Williams, H.P. Lovecraft, a Prohibition speakeasy called the Dill Pickle Club, and Conan the Barbarian all have to do with the shapely leader of the pack above?

(Well, if I can’t win you over with that combo of teasing, you might as well just keep scrolling; there’s nothing for you to see here.  You must have taken a wrong cyber-turn at the last batch of cat videos and Kardashian tweets: the way out of this low-brow ghetto is through there.  You’re welcome.)

(Oh, And don’t let anything follow you home, especially if its eyes are glowing. Or it’s wearing leopard print and stiletto heels.  If it’s both, run like hell and don’t look back.)

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Vintage 1949 Swimwear Ad, $6.99

Founded in 1910 in Portland, Oregon, Jantzen was one of the first companies to sell and popularize wool “bathing suits.” During WWII, Jantzen made swim trunks, sweaters, and sleeping bags for the U.S. Military. With the end of the war and the rise of commercial airline travel, Jantzen was the go-to brand for many Americans looking for high-quality, fashionable bathing suits.

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   Traveling was, to say the least, a passion of Jefferson’s; it brought him joy, and the ever-there curiosity he had drew him to wander, even when he had been promised a room. 

   Today, his adventurous streak seemed to be particularly evident by how he had the traces of many types of shrubbery and other plants all over his once-pristine clothing, as well as quite a bit of mud caked onto his boots and even his pants. Granted, the previously beautiful nature of his garments was something he could thank Victor for, as he’d insisted on giving Jefferson ‘some decent clothes’, as a recent trip had nearly singed his entire outfit off, and certainly ruined anything else he’d had on hand. Asides from his beloved hat, which of course had taken priority.

    Nothing really seemed to worry the portal-jumper, instead he was fairly carefree as he wandered around, in an area somewhat new to him. He’d heard the forest was rumored to have many natural-forming portals, but he’d yet to see any. What he had seen was a crotchety old woman at the entrance to the woodlands, where she’d promptly beaten him with a broom and exclaimed, ‘don’t go through there! it’s only made of curses!

   Nonsense, Jefferson had said to that, and then run off before any further beatings could occur. Besides, what was life without a little danger involved? He’d fallen down a rabbit hole before, it wasn’t a huge deal. And anyway, why not see what all the fuss was about?

    He did have to admit, though, it was odd to see someone be spat out of one of the rumored portals. He had expected something different, but he wasn’t quite sure as to what.

    “Well, that isn’t something you see every day,” he spoke not quietly, though also not loudly, as he gazed over to the stranger, who probably was trying to gather themselves up after whatever adventure they’d just had. What had been done to land them here, however, was what Jefferson was interested in.

    Oh, he’d have a story to share with Victor now—- one that’d get his attention, too. He was certain it’d be a negative kind of attention, one that ended in the blond reprimanding him, saying something such as, ‘you could’ve gotten lost!’ or something about getting hurt, but anything to make the doctor speak was worthwhile, in the Hatter’s opinion.


Ray Bradbury: Born August 22, 1920

He woke up, muffling a scream into his pillow. ‘It was just a night, just a nightmare’ he chanted over and over again in his head. But gods why did it have to feel so real every time?

Shakily he pushed himself off his bed, taking his pillow with him only to sit down on the window sill. Drawing his legs close and resting his head on the pillow that he had placed on his knees, he stared blankly out of the window, not even realizing that he was shaking slightly.

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