“Excellent job, team! The whole world is going to be talking about this stroller.” 

“Exactly. The sexy, streamlined design and vaguely phallic wheel base is going to revolutionize the world of pretending like you are going to exercise with your baby but then just deciding you’ll do some sit-ups before bed or something.”

“How should we shoot it? We have an amazing model.”

“She’s great.”

“So great.”

“Really great.”

“You know…I’m afraid no one will even be looking at the model with such a sexy, well-toned jogging stroller in the picture. We could probably put her in that futuristic toilet-paper outfit from ‘The 5th Element’ and I bet people wouldn’t even notice.”

“Haha, yeah! Or like, a ‘jogging bikini,’ or something!”

*Room erupts in laughter*

“Oh my God, you guys…We should totally do it.”

“You’re on.”