• Attorney: "What do you know about James Madison?"
  • Me: "That he's mad as a hatter & should take his medicine."
  • Attorney: ".... what?"
  • Me: "He's in worst state than the national debt is in."
  • Attorney: "..... wh-"
  • Me: "And he won't talk to Hamilton, so it's a non-starter."

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on the subject of James Madison’s Hogwarts House

I was going to submit this to @sortinghatchats but then it got too long so I figured I’d just make a separate post. For those who don’t know - the amazing folks there constructed the most insane elaborate sorting system I’ve ever seen and it’s basically been my Hogwarts Houses Bible since I’ve read it. See it for yourself and marvel!

I’ve been waiting with anticipation for Hamilton Hogwarts sorting and I have not been disappointed - but unfortunately Madison’s sorting was mostly skimmed over without such in depth analysis that others got. Seeing as he’s one of my favorite characters in the play, I decided to give it my shot:

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Not Part of the Plan

Despite the fact that Madison hadn’t exactly been social that night when he’d had dinner with the Hamiltons, the head of the household still seemed to want to hang out with him. Hamilton didn’t bring up the idea of Madison coming back to his house right away, but he did text Madison often to ask if he wanted to go to lunch. Madison mostly declined, but occasionally he took up the offer because he knew he had to get out of the office once in awhile. They mostly talked about Hamilton’s political blog–which he wanted Madison to contribute to–but there were also long periods of awkward silence when Madison just couldn’t bring himself to say anything.

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Dolley Madison was so awesome!

 She was a Quaker and had two sons. Her husband and son died from a yellow fever epidemic and she was left a widow. Her neighbor Aaron Burr introduced Dolley to James Madison and the two of them became engaged but since Madison wasn’t a Quaker, she was expelled for marrying outside her faith. 

In 1814 the British invaded and burned down the White House.  Dolley Madison risked her own safety and refused to leave the estate until she had the painting of George Washington with her.