As requested by anonymous, here is a list of suggested asian male fcs who are between the ages of 25 to 45. I tried my best to provide my favorite fcs in a variety of different ethnicities, but as I am more familiar with certain industries over another, the numbers provided vary. If there are mistakes, please do correct me! I worked hard to research their origins, but I am human so I may have made a mistake here or there.

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+1: Mum and dad were supposed to go on a movie date, but he had to work late. 

Plot: Based on a true story, Million Dollar Arm is about sports agent J.B. Bernstein who creates a reality show to find a new baseball pitcher.

Mum’s Thoughts: (Note: My mother relayed this to me in half English half Chinese. This is what she told me when I asked her what she thought of the film.)

This sports agent lost a big contract, so now he has to find some new pitchers. He decides to create a reality tv show called “Million Dollar Arm” because he was inspired by that show like Susan Boyle I dream a dream a dream (I swear that’s exactly what my mum said. You can’t make this shit up). Then he finds these two guys, one is from Life of Pi and brings them to America. At first he put too much pressure on them and they were not good, but then after he started treating them like family and letting them just enjoy baseball and then they didn’t suck any more.

My favourite thing about the movie is that it shows the humanity of the sports agent. I like that the movie shows him being a good person and that aspect of his character. It was very inspiring and makes you feel happy after you watch it. I think I would give it between 7.5 and 8 stars out of 10. (I further asked her to clarify if she meant 7.5 or 8. Is this movie a B+ or an A-?) B+ and A- are the same! Okay fine, I think 7.5 stars. (I then said, okay, next time I bring home a B+ instead of an A-, I want you to remember this conversation.)