Hey guys! So you know I’m fairly new to the community, and I really want to make something special for Mark’s birthday.

Mark, in your interpretation, as a hero.

Because we know he is one, in different ways. To many people, he is a hero. He had made people laugh. He had made people smile again. He made days better. He helped people make friends. He helped in so many things.

And for his birthday, I want him to know how much of a hero he really is.

Today is June 17. As of this moment, he has 17 million subscribers, 17 million people he calls as his heroes. If you see that shirt sleeve with hearts? He calls you as a hero. He’s a hero too. He’s the leader of this wonderful community, and

I want to see all of your interpretations of him as a hero too.

Draw him in your own interpretation of his suit/costume. Write about the superhero Mark, or that Mark who saved you from his daily videos. Crop him or photoshop him as your favorite hero, Marvel or DC, or even other comics. Make gifs or animations. Quotes that he has said, pictures of him, so much can be done! Just show him as your hero.

And I want to see all of them, so tag it in #MarkIsAHero! It’d be awesome to show him for his birthday!

(If anyone is on-board with me, we could also do a “T minus 10 days” series of whatever-you-want for the birthday guy, where we countdown to his birthday ‘Blast off to space’ kind of style.)

I originally made this to help my friends with Wanna One, but I thought why not post it to let new fans learn some information. The rest is under keep reading cause I don’t want to have an insanely long post that hogs up space on dash.

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Natsume Yuujinchou Roku (3/11): Nitai - Sama

[The “deal with youkai” trio]
You were far away, and yet you remembered me, you tried to connect with me again. You kept talking to me, even though you knew what I am. It made me happy. It made me want to help a friend who’d come to me with a problrm, too. Several days later, this time, Shibata came to visit me.

Shadow baking / Map Tutorial.

I made a tutorial to help my friend @enriques4​ and wondered: why not share if others? I never make tutorials blaabala… so here I go!

If you don´t know what the shadow map is, IS THE SHADOW THAT CLOTHING / ACC ETC make in the sim. I don´t have images to show the difference so sorry hope you know what I´m talking. 

If you think that shadow map doesn´t make difference yes it does, increases the item quality 10000% much more professional, believe me.

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I love doing love readings. That might be surprising, because many readers, especially those in the witchy/pagan/magical/whatever communities have a distaste for them (although the aversion to love readings is not limited to that group by any means).

But for me, love readings are my favourite kind to do. I do readings on upcoming relationships, readings on hypothetical relationships, on heartbreak and rejection. 

Like many, “How do they feel about me?” is probably the question I get asked most often, and I love answering it. 

Maybe that’s because I think it’s one of my strong points as a reader. I’m good at love readings. Things just seem clearer and more in focus for me when I’m reading on love and relationships. Doing love readings for others is what built up my confidence as a reader in those early days.

Maybe it’s just because I love love. I spent ten years working exclusively with a love goddess, and I’ve always a certain affinity for matters of the heart. I look at the entire world through shipper goggles.

I can’t say for sure, but I can say that I’m always happy to do a love reading.

Originally posted by therainbowoverme

That being said, I also love reading for more spiritual purposes as well. 

One of the first spreads I ever made was to help a friend figure out her spiritual and magical path, and I’ve been doing readings on both for many people ever since then. 

Divination is a big part of my life, and my life is one that is spiritual and magical. So it makes sense that I would love the place where they intersect. 

This is an area I’m even trying to push myself further in, to find new ways and new depths I can explore to help others (and myself!) find their paths, or at least find their footing.

I’m excited when I can help new people, or when I can find new ways to reach out for others.

Originally posted by jihen

Anyway, I’m curious about what particular areas y’all most enjoy reading for! I’m going to tag a few people I’m hoping will respond, but everyone please feel free to jump in with a reply or a new post about this if you’re willing to share!

@forscryingoutloud @grimoire-of-geekery @shelbymelissa @swampseer @upyrica @goneintheriver @msbrujacarolina @thegodthief @benegesserit

call no man happy - 2

Mo Guan Shan watched as the parchment rolled up like a scroll and vanished . No shit - vanished. He must have had a stupid look on his face because the other man laughed.

“Alright, what now?”

Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows, puzzled.

“I have to go to work.”

“Oh, that’s right. You work at a bank or something.”



“Right. I have to go. So…”

He Tian grabbed a backpack Mo Guan Shan hadn’t noticed before from the ground next to the couch and swung it over his shoulder.

“Let’s go, then.”

“Do you want me to drop you off somewhere? I guess you could stay here…”

The man laughed again and said, “I’m coming with you.”

“Coming with me… to my job?”

“No, we’re going to fuckin’ Disney World. Yes, to your job.”

“I don’t think I can just take you with me.”

“Sure you can. What are they going to do, kick me out of the bank?”


“What. Ever.”

“Seriously, it’s not ‘bring your crazy person to work’ day, I can’t take you with me.”

He Tian sighed.

“Calm down, George McFly, I’m going to be working there as an intern. You get to teach me all about the glamorous world of whatever it is that you do.”

“I work in a fucking library!”

“Wow, hostile.”

Mo Guan Shan checked the time.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

“Lead the way, bossman.”


Mo Guan Shan fumbled with his keys pressing the unlock button halfway through the parking lot. The car chirped and lights flashed. He Tian groaned but Mo Guan Shan held up a hand to quiet him.

“Do you have a car?”


“Then don’t even fucking start.”

“At least let me drive.”

“Why… would I ever do that?”

“Because-” He held his hand out for the keys, “-if you drive, we’re going to be late and I want to make a good impression on my first day. Don’t you trust me?”


“Why the hell not?”

“Because I’ve known you for less than an hour and you’re clearly insane.”

“And yet…”


And yet, here he was.

Because he’d apparently lost his fucking mind, he handed over the keys.

“Alright, asshole, get us there in seven minutes and i’ll buy you lunch.”

“Make it a drink and we’ve got a deal.”

“Six minutes.”

Sans seatbelt, He Tian threw the car into reverse and stomped the accelerator, burning rubber - read: fucking up his tires- out of the spot. He cranked the wheel to the right, shifting to drive and peeling out of the lot.

Mo Guan Shan started to give him directions, but the man shushed him.

“I know this city better than you.”

Weaving in and out of morning traffic, getting them a fair amount of honks and verbal abuse, He Tian reached into the pocket of his hoodie and pulled out a phone with a sparkly pink case.

“You have a phone.” Mo Guan Shan stated, stupidly.

He Tian cocked an eyebrow, turning to look at him and nearly side swiping a Prius.


“They have phones… where you’re from?”

“Hell? Of course, who do you think invented roaming charges and limited data plans?”

Mo Guan Shan gaped at him and He Tian rolled his eyes theatrically.

“For fuck’s sake, I’m kidding. You really need to get the stick out of your ass or you’re really going to hate me.”

“I kind of already hate you.”

“See, that’s the stick talking.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“Not quite.”


Five minutes later they pulled into the library’s parking lot.

“Told ya we’d make it.”

“Yeah, and we almost died like ten times.”

“Key word- almost.”

They got out of the car and He Tian tossed his keys back. Closing in on the building, Mo Guan Shan found himself getting nervous.

“So, you said you’re going to be interning here?” He asked, holding the door open for He Tian and following him through it.

“That’s the plan. On your recommendation, no less.”

“Whoa, what?”

“Yeah, they think we’re friends or something.”

“No one is ever going to believe that.”

“I’m just telling you what my caseworker told me.”

“And who’s your caseworker?”

He Tian chuckled.

“Why? You gonna call and complain?”

They stopped in front of the door to the library and Mo Guan Shan turned to look at him.

“Any way I can trust you act like a decent person here? I don’t need to get fired today.”

“I’m not a person.”


“I’m on my best behavior.”

“That doesn’t comfort me.”

He Tian shrugged, smirking, and pulled the door open. Mo Guan Shan grabbed his badge from behind the counter and clocked in. Right on time.

Being summer, the place was all but deserted. He Tian followed Mo Guan Shan to the small breakroom, looking around at the not entirely unimpressive stacks as they went.

It wasn’t so much a break room as it was a corner of the room mostly blocked off with a table and some chairs. Very fancy.

Jian Yi looked up from his phone when he heard them, ready to say something, but froze when he saw He Tian. Yeah, Mo Guan Shan wanted to say, try waking up to him on your couch.

Jian Yi recovered quickly, standing up and extending his arm for a handshake.

“You must be the new intern. He Tian, right?”


“Cool, well I didn’t knew you were coming until this morning so I have nothing for you to do. Just follow Mo Guan Shan around and shelve books, I guess. ”

The phone rang and Jian Yi promptly sat back down, motioning for Mo Guan Shan to go answer it. He turned to He Tian, but he’d wandered away to paw through the books to shelve. Jian Yi looked pointedly at He Tian and back, raising his eyebrows questioningly at Mo Guan Shan. Unsure of what silent gesture could use to explain the situation, turned and walked off.


After about a minute, Jian Yi said, “So, you’re Mo Guan Shan’s friend?”


“He hasn’t told me about you.”

“Funny, he hasn’t told me about you either.”

Jian Yi looked slightly put out by that, but continued.

“When did you two meet?”

“A few days ago.”


“A bar downtown.”

“…You met Mo Guan Shan at a bar?”

“Sure did. We hit it off right away.”

Jian Yi looked skeptical.

“I have a hard time believing that.”


“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, you’re just not exactly his type.”

“Because I’m so far out of his league?”

“Because you’re a dude.”

“That’s never stopped me before.”

“You also seem like kind of a dick.”

“I grow on people. Like a fungus, or a parasite.”

“What’s this about parasites?” Mo Guan Shan .asked, coming around the corner.

“He Tian was just telling me how you two met.” Jian Yi explained.

Mo Guan Shan turned on He Tian. He’s not THAT crazy, right?


“It’s ok,” Jian Yi assured him, “I’m not entirely surprised.”

Again, “What?!”

Taking pity on him, He Tian said “I was telling him about the bar the other night.”

Mo Guan Shan glared at him like maybe if he does it hard enough he’ll evaporate.

“Yeah. That.”

“What did you think I meant?” Jian Yi asked, puzzled.

He Tian winked at him and Jian Yi laughed. Fucking spectacular.

“If you two are done gossiping…”

Jian Yi rolled his eyes, patting his pockets and picking his phone up off the table.

“Fine. Be boring. I’m going to go get some lunch, you guys want pizza?”

They decided on cheese because Jian Yi is picky and He Tian wanted mushrooms which is a punishable offense in and of itself. They watched him leave and Mo Guan Shan looked through the cart of books, deciding where to start.

He pulled his headphones from his pocket and began to untangle them. After half a minute of struggling, He Tian snatched them away, straightening them out in five fucking seconds and handing them back. Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows, more impressed by that than anything of the other weird things he’d done so far.

He plugged them into his phone, putting one in picking some music. He Tian followed him while he returned the books to their shelves, but made no attempt to help.

“Your friend seems nice.”

“Jian Yi? Yeah, he’s cool. I’ve known him and his boyfriend since we were kids. Fuck you very much for that, by the way.”

“For what?”

“What do you mean for what? For telling him we met in a fucking bar. He’s already jumped to conclusions here.”

“And what conclusion is that?”

“That we… you know.”

“Fucked?” He Tian asked. Mo Guan Shan felt himself flush, glad he was facing away.


“Oh, God forbid.”

“Are you gay?” Mo Guan Shan asked before he could stop himself, knowing that was incredibly rude. He Tian was quiet for long enough, Mo Guan Shan wondered if he’d heard him.

“I like pretty, fun, people. I couldn’t care less what body parts they do or don’t have.”

Mo Guan Shan nodded, liking the simplicity of that, but unsure of that to say. Thankfully, they lapsed into silence. A few minutes later, Mo Guan Shan was reaching for a shelf just an inch out of his reach. Annoyed, he looked around for the step stool, but He Tian took the book from him.

“Here?” he asked. Mo Guan Shan nodded, thanking him. They made it to the religion section, He Tian staring as his phone, Mo Guan Shan froze, spinning around suddenly.



“That’s the tattoo on your neck. Metatron’s cube.”

He Tian smiled, eyebrows raised. He pulled the collar of his shirt down an inch, revealing the top of a circle with a symbol he couldn’t make out.

“Good eye. I have all the archangels seals as well.” He said, drawing a line from his throat to his pelvis.

“That… is actually pretty awesome.”

“I can show you later, if you want.” He Tian said, looking slightly smug.

“Yeah, sure.”

Mo Guan Shan turned back to the books and He Tian to his phone.

“Why do you know about that?”

“Theology has always been an interest of mine. I know that probably sounds ridiculous to you.”

“You think that sounds ridiculous to me? Of all people?”

“I thought you weren’t a person.”

“Fuck you.”


Jian Yi eventually made it back with the pizza and they ate quickly.

“We should go out for drinks after work.” Jian Yi suggested. “I want you to mean Zhan Zhengxi.”

“Jian Yi-” Mo Guan Shan started.

“Sounds good to me,” He Tian said, cutting him off. “He owes me a drink for getting us here on time.”

Jian Yi smiled, pulling his phone from his pocket, probably to text Zhan Zhengxi.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Mo Guan Shan asked.

“I really am.”

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got7 as fratboys: masterlist

a/n: ok so this is kind of a sequel to this thread I’ve posted on twitter. I just felt like there was so much more to say about this au that I wanted turn this into headcanons. every member’s hc will be composed by an instagram edit - made by me with the help of some friends -, a small playlist and the hc themselves. there will be nsfw involved!!! be warned. so here it goes! I hope y’all enjoy this

meet Gamma Ommega Tau, the most popular and crazy frat house at Jin Young Park University, a prestigious private school in the country. it started off with 4 guys: im jaebum, mark tuan, jackson wang and park jinyoung. later on, the frat got bigger and also did it’s council. now, in addition to the original 4, GOT’s council has 3 other members: choi youngjae, kunpimook bhuwakul aka bambam and kim yugyeom. after only one semester, the frat was already the biggest one in the whole university. their boys are all well known, especially GOT7 (that’s the name given to their council). with a bunch of pledges and parties and having friendship and brotherhood as their most important values, GOT is definetely everything a fraternity wants and has to be.

im jaebum: president

⇒ mark tuan: vice president

⇒ jackson wang: athletic chair

⇒ park jinyoung:  academics chair/treasurer

⇒ choi youngjae: philanthropy chair

⇒ bambam: social chair

⇒ kim yugyeom: rush chair

The Right Choice (3)

DPR Master list |Pt1, pt2|

(Requested) // Word Count; 1,249

Christian Yu x Reader - A/F

a/n sorry for taking so long to update this, it was sitting in my notes for ages but I didn’t like what I was coming up with so I ignored it and then forgot about it until it was requested - idk what happened but I was inspired to write another part :)

Dabin, Scott And CLine were more than happy to help Christian fix his relationship with you, they knew how much he loved you even though he was never around and the thought of having a small Yu running around made them even more eager to help their friend.

You were worried about what you did, taking the ring off was the wrong move; Christian hadn’t called or texted you in two weeks, he didn’t even come and see you. You were afraid he thought you broke up with him, yes you were angry and trying to get a point across but maybe you took it too far.

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A short modern au gendrya fic I wrote for a friend. May be more depending how I’m feeling.

Gendry Waters swore lightly. He stared at the bottom side of this car, knowing the problem, seeing it with his own two eyes, but certainly not having any clue how to fix it. He could hear the gentle tapping on the tire behind him as Arya swung her legs, and perched on the hood as she was that involved kicking the tire.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, assumably having heard his expletive. He shook his head, not crawling out from underneath the car. No reason to, not as of yet.

“It’s just an annoyin’ fix,” He commented. He could practically hear the nod from Arya. She had been oddly silent this afternoon. Gendry could not say why. Since coming across the girl it was like he couldn’t get her to shut up. Not that he wanted her to, it was nice to hear her talk. Act normal around him.

A few moments passed in that exact silence before Arya asked the question Gendry had been waiting for, knowing it would come. ”Can I do anything?” Gendry quickly responded, asking for a certain material and a certain tool, which she retrieved quick enough before returning to her position atop the hood. She was well-versed at this point in names and such of everything, and probably knew at least a little about under the hood work given how much time she spent around here. He’d prodded her on occasions and gotten little of what he wanted from her in terms of a reason why. Essentially it just boiled down to that she didn’t like the rest of her existence. But it wasn’t even that. Gendry didn’t know. Perhaps it was that Gendry was a factor she could control. Gendry had ascertained that she was wealthy, though by the gods did she hide it, and he knew enough of high society to know that they were busy people, busy at least with things like studies and work and parties and those things wealthy people do with those people wealthy people do them with. So it was nice for her to just hang he supposed. Gendry cared little for her reasoning really, just taking solace in her companionship.

She wasn’t saying much of anything and Gendry found that eerie. Again, she talked a lot, though he’d noticed that the moment someone else entered the conversation she would generally clam up. Not into silence, but no longer the stream of consciousness. He rolled out from underneath the car and looked up, tracing up her legs past an untied sneaker and ripped jeans. He found her face which looked down into a phone screen. “Wut’s up?” He asked her, and she flipped, switching the phone off and moving backwards across the hood, tucking the phone close to her body. Gendry chuckled and she swore at him. “You ain’t normally on yer phone round ‘ere. Wut’s up today?” He asked, knowing there must be some kind of drama occupying her attention. Gendry was rarely a part of that anymore, he… didn’t have much in the way of friends or companionship, not among peers at least.

“It’s nothing.” She asserted, though Gendry raised an eyebrow. That wasn’t really convincing, not given the terseness in her tone. Arya breathed heavily, brushing a hair back from her face in a way Gendry found attractive, not to say he wasn’t fond of the wildness of her hair in her face. Fuck, he needed to focus on his actual friend and not an ill-composed fantasy. “Boy trouble. None of your business.” Gendry’s heart didn’t skip a beat so much as just shut down. He grimaced, and rolled under the car again.

“Oh.” He gave a simple response. Hence why the fantasy was not worth even thinking about. She was a couple years younger than him and in the midst of her studies and had a whole different crowd of friends or associates if that was what rich people called people they knew. Worthless. He went back to work, and silence again ate them up. Not to say he wasn’t comfortable in it, but in this instance… It was awkward and Gendry didn’t like that very much. “I’m a boy. I could help.” Ugh this would suck. This would suck. But he didn’t have much choice did he? Well, he did have a choice in the matter, but he’d made this one. He could help his dear friend Arya get a guy of her choosing. No. Big. Deal. She paused for awhile, not saying anything.

“I don’t think a guy likes me as more than a friend.” She answered, and Gendry shook his head, though he was invisible underneath the car. How could anyone not think of Arya that way? She was hands-down the best girl he’d ever met. “And I would very much like him to.” Gendry breathed deeply. Why was he giving her this advice? Why was he not just owning up to her here and now? But why would he? Obviously she had no interest in the poor mechanic else why would she be talking to him about getting another guy?

“Be upfront with him. Assumin’ the guy doesn’t already have a girl, that’s enough to knock sense inta most o’ us. Possible he just ain’t seein’ yer flirting for what it is. We’re pretty dumb most the time.” Arya scoffed for a moment, as if agreeing with that perception. Another long pause, and Gendry wondered if she was messaging the guy now. Was she doing exactly what he’d said to right here, right now? He didn’t know how he felt about that. For one thing it made him irrationally angry that someone else was getting Arya Stark’s affection in his garage, for another, it made him content that Arya trusted his advice.

“And if I… I’m too shy I guess?” She asked. Gendry’s brow furrowed, and he rolled himself out again. He sat up once out from underneath the car, and looked to Arya, who bit her lip just a tad which again was so crazy hot. But focus. What she’d just said was unbelievable to him, for if there was one thing that had been made abundantly clear in the months since he’d known Arya it was that she was not shy. It was that she took what she wanted with no prisoners.

“You are Arya fucking Stark last I ‘eard, so I dun think that’ll be a problem.” He told her. She seemed to grow more nervous at this, before turning away from him and slipping off the hood of the car. Gendry stood so that he could still see her though she was on the other side of the car from him. Arya was considering something for a moment longer, before making a decision, he could tell when she did that, commit. Her entire demeanor changed, becoming more sure of herself than he’d ever seen anyone else.

“Gendry Waters I’d like to go out with you.” She affirmed. Gendry watched her, eyes blinking, and she stood firm, straight as a nail though her full height was easily a few heads below his, staring straight back. Then he began to laugh, a chuckle that originated from the belly and flew upward, out of his mouth like a weapon. “What the fuck you shithead! I did exactly as you said!” She shouted, growing angry at him in a flash. Gendry waved a hand, trying to get her to calm down but it was far too late for him as she rounded the car and shoved him in the chest. He was pushed backwards, reclaiming his balance by putting a hand on the car. He breathed deeply as she stared at him, her eyes full of more wrath than anything he’d ever seen.

“I just… I can’t believe that you thought I only liked you as a friend.” He told her, a small smile coming to his lips. She watched him, and he stared back, before she shook her head turning away from him, muttering something about him being stupid. Gendry’s grin spread.

“Tomorrow. 4. In the morning because fuck you. Pick me up. Don’t tell a goddamn soul.” Gendry couldn’t care less about her conditionals. He was riding some form of euphoria that Arya Stark was into him and he into her and life was good as far as he was concerned. Consequences? Oh to be sure. But they were not for today. He whistled as he moved back to work, the hard fix not even clouding his mind as Arya got a ride from her sister and vanished.


Here’s my thesis “film” that I worked on over the past year (it’s more of a weird… trailer). I had a lot of things that I wanted to do this year, but because of a few snags that I hit along the way, this was what I ended up with. 

Despite it’s shortness, I couldn’t have made this without the help and support from friends and faculty, who helped me get through this last year.

Wayward Casting Call

Hey, guys. For those who don’t follow me, you may be wondering who I am and why I’m addressing you. Well, I’m Mack, a professional animator (toon boom and flash), and I’m trying to create a new webseries called Wayward, that has been in minor development for a year now.  I have a few friends helping me already, but for now I’m asking for Voice Acting help, for my finished pilot script.

Brief Description

Wayward is a show heavily inspired by RPGSs and adventure games, especially whimsical ones like the Mother series. It’s a story about a group of kids who are all potential Questers in this world, recruited by the YHA (The Young Hero’s Association) to join their cause and go out on hero’s journeys specific to their own interests. But not every kid can be a hero, some people’s hearts just aren’t in it, no matter how badly they may want it, and this will cause conflict in the story.

That’s not the case for Milo, however, a good natured but free-willed individual whose ambition sets them on a tunnel-vision path towards their goal, ignoring danger, the odds, and difficulty level. They’re obsessed with space exploration, and they’ve wanted to get up there since they were little. When they hear about a mysterious person known as the Questmaster visiting their town they’re ecstatic. The space-quest page on his website peaked their star-bound interest, and this quest opportunity is also a great way for Milo to spend time with their dad, who is a rather famous doctor in the area and often away. However, while he’s on board to spend time with his kid, this whole quest show has him suspicious there’s more going on.

The pilot episode centers around both setting the story in motion and having the father and child overcome adversity strengthening their bond.

As of right now I’m only asking for volunteer work. This is because Wayward is being funded directly out of my pocket, and made with help from friends. If the pilot is successful I will open a patreon to crowdfund the production of the rest of the planned episodes. I am committed to making this any way I can, regardless of finances, and I’d like to have something to show for our efforts first.

Onto the point of this post: Voice Acting.

I would like you to have your own equipment. I understand asking for volunteers is a big request already so don’t go out of your way. So long as it’s clean and clear, it’ll do just fine (Snowball and Blue microphones are pretty good for an inexpensive choice). Below is a list of main characters and bg characters I need for this episode. I should note Milo themself doesn’t talk. Think of them as your silent protagonist, though they aren’t mute. They’re deaf, so they do still have a voice, but I’m putting them at low priority since they technically have no lines.

A lot of the characters are POC, so if you’re a person of colour yourself, please try out! I’m not myself so even if you end up not doing that I would value your input if something seems wrong or if you notice room for improvement. 

Character ages are included for reference, but your own age doesn’t need to match them.

Info on characters and trying out below the cut:

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annnnd she’s done ! my first fursuit, Mae Borowski from night in the woods :3c made with the help of my lovely friend @/arashi_rain on instagram
took around two months working every saturday to finally finish it in time for halloween coming up. she also has her Witch Dagger costume (I’ll have more pictures of that later!)

(also dw I have different pants that match her design for this I just wasn’t wearing them in the picture haha)

Fic - Finally home

OK, here’s my little post-5x16 fic based on some fun spec I’ve been seeing for upcoming episodes. I wrote this late at night with no beta, so don’t judge my typos, please. Read it on Ao3 or below. 

Finally home

Oliver hobbled into the bunker, Digg carrying half his weight. His best friend dragged him to the med table and hurried to grab the first aid kit.

“Thank you, all of you,” Oliver told the team in a cracked voice. Days of torture at the hands of Prometheus had ended with the team storming in to rescue him. They looked none the worse for wear, as the rescue had been surprisingly easy. Adrian Chase has gotten out of there the minute the team had showed up.

They knew why as the TV screen on the wall of the bunker showed Oliver’s ex-girlfriend interviewing the D.A./villain on TV. Team Arrow watched in shock as Mayor Oliver Queen was outed as the Green Arrow, and all of Susan’s evidence was presented. Chase ended the interview by reminding the community that the mayor himself had ordered the police to shoot to kill the vigilante.

Oliver heaved a sigh and hunched his shoulders. He really could not take much more. He felt completely and utterly defeated. He turned his head toward the center of the bunker to catch a glimpse of who always made him feel a little better, only to find her seat noticeably empty.

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Welcome Home (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

A/N: Okay this is more of a pack imagine than a Stiles imagine but whatever.  Anyways, I got inspiration from a prompt that I found: ‘Okay, I got this, oh- I do not got this. I do not gOT THIS!’ So credit to whoever wrote that and thank youuu. Okay, enjoy! :)

“Stiles, will you stop pacing?” Malia groaned as she sat on the McCall’s couch with her head thrown back.

“I can’t,” Stiles mumbled, periodically looking out the window before pacing again while chewing on the side of his thumb.

“Look we get that (Y/N) is coming home but-” Lydia started, not taking her eyes off of the book that rested on her lap.

“No buts!” Stiles shouted. “I haven’t seen her in months and I miss her and I’m excited,” he rambled.

“I haven’t seen her in months either and I’m still not as excited as you,” Scott chuckled from beside Malia. “And I’m her brother.”

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