Made with Procreate


I purchased an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil last week and have been diving into the painting app “Procreate.” It’s honestly the biggest step forward in mobile digital painting that I have seen and is the sole reason I was even interested in the tablet.

Here are a couple of sketches of Moon from my fairytale Moon and Crow. I used custom brushes I made in Procreate.



So I just heard Scarlett Johansson’s song Summertime and it was so cute I immediately thought of Jim singing it to Joanna like imagine the Enterprise crew gets a shore leave on Earth and Jim doesn’t really want to go back to Iowa so Bones invites him to come to Georgia with him to his family country house. It just so happens that Joanna gets to spend time with Bones and she’s going to be there too. Imagine Jim being all awkward around them and trying to stay out of the way until one night he’s passing by Jo’s room and he sees she’s really upset about something and asks if he can come in. She lets him and he grabs Jo’s guitar and plays her this song his mom used to sing to him. I just love this is so cute go listen to it its so beautiful!

Made with procreate and again i will give Burdge my firstborn because her art is amazing to use as references


Part 1: Skin coloring tutorial for tablets/phones.

This method can be used for outside of tablets and phones but I wanted to post a tutorial for all those people who don’t have a fancy computers and programs to draw with. This was made with Procreate though other apps that have an eyedropper and a brush opacity can use this method of coloring ^~^

Also tell me if you guys want to see more tablet/phone tutorials? I know there really isn’t much out there for them as far as I know. Feel free to request tutorials ^^

Translation for my horrible hand writing:

Panel 3- We are going to take our lightest shadow shade to map out shape with a low opacity set. Mine: 20% *though fix yours to your liking.

Panel 4- Before we add more shading we are going to build up the base shapes withe the base colors. To do this you will once again set the brush at a low opacity and use the eyedropper to pick up a color this will repeat until the colors are blended together ^~^

Panel 5- Next we will building up with the other shadow colors working up till we get to the darkest color. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors!!!

Panel 6- you are once again going to you the eyedropper method to blend all the colors together ^~^ Also when blending feel free to bring down the brush opacity if the colors are showing up to bright.

Panel 7- now we are going to lay down the light source colors. These can be anything but I’m using a yellowy color for natural lighting

Panel 8- once again blend all those together using the eyedropper method.

Panel 9- now we are going to lay out the highlight colors. Starting with the lavender color and ending with yellow. You are also going to place the dark color all in the shadows.

Panel 10- Blend! Same method!