Made this myself

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Whatever you do, don’t imagine taking a bath with Ignis. Don’t imagine him behind you, brushing the hair away from your skin to lay kisses on the surface as his warms wrap around your body to pull you close.

The soft lull of music playing in the background as scents of lavender and roses enter your nose as he hands you a champagne flute filled with your drink of choice.

As he leans his lips against your ear, he whispers,
“I’ve come up with a new recipehhhh!”

Okay but imagine Taehyung as a cop and he helps a lost little kid get reconnected with his mother so as a thanks the little kid gives Taehyung a lollipop and Taehyung gets all emotional about it and him and the kid hug and as Tae is walking away he wipes a stray tear from his eye believing there is still some good in this world

My friends and I have a game that I like to call “who can come up with the most depressing shadowhunters headcanon” in which we talk about how sad people like Alec, Clary, and Izzy would be if the Soul Sword is activated

i just really miss when being a part of the ace community meant sharing pictures of literally anything with ace flag colours on it, making jokes/edits about cake and dragons, and lots of puns 

that’s the asexual community i found when i was coming into my asexuality 

now it’s about literally defending your right to exist in the only spaces that used to accept you and hoping you don’t get death wishes for it 

it’s hard enough for me to exist in this space, and i’m so glad I no longer run an asexuality blog, but i can’t imagine what it must be like for young asexuals who are just recognizing themselves and who have no place to go 

i can’t imagine what it must be like for them to be terrified to tell the people in their gsa that they’re asexual for fear of being excluded or kicked out. i can’t imagine what it must be like to find the shambles of what was once a bright and vibrant asexual community on tumblr. 

just– i love every single ace person. i love every single young ace person. i love you all so much. thank you, to the ace community, for being what you were two years ago, and thank you for continuing to fight today. thank you for not giving up. 

concept: 2x08 starts of with magnus waking up in his bed, reaching the other side of it with his hand only to find that alec is not there. magnus’ worst fear has come true…just as he leaned his head back in the pillow, fighting the tears that are rushing to his eyes, the bedroom door opens. it’s alec and he’s bringing breakfast in bed for his boyfriend! ‘you….you’re here??’ magnus asks. ‘of course i’m here…where else would i be?’ alec says as he walks towards the bed and it brings the biggest smile on magnus’ face because in that moment he realizes that alec is not going anywhere. he is the one that stays. always.