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NYX’ Shanghai CLOUD / Making Of featuring MadMapper (par NYX Visual Label)

Learning the basics of projection mapping
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Projection Mapping has been around for a while, so we decided to see what all the fuss is about and create a small installation for an open house at SidLee Toronto. As most of our projects, it started out with a small prototype, to help us wrap our heads around the tech and creative alley ways we could take. In this post, we’ll try to describe our journey, and hopefully it’ll be of assistance to whoever is trying to have some fun with projections for the first time.

The idea for the prototype was to create a pyramid-like sculpture, that we will project sound-reactive visuals onto. The visuals will be embracing the form and structure of the sculpture, in this case, triangles. Let’s tesselate.

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QBert + Processing + MadMapper

I spent 10 days learning Processing and implementing the code for this visual demo. QBert’s bricks spin and change color and can be cued manually or react in real-time to my computer’s microphone input.


Mapear, mapear, mapear todo…

Diseñado para la copa Paris Bercy/2010, utilizando un control de PS3 que modifica los visuales en tiempo real.

Software MadMapper por 1024 Architecture.


Spiral Vortex - by Vertx

Way fantastic 3d mapping/motion graphics. 

And all it took was modul8 + madmapper + aftereffects + cinema4D.  And probably a butt-ton of time. 

You can see there Vimeo page here


Motion, light & sound / Kinect & Madlight


Projection mapping demo from over a year ago. I built this for ArtCon RZN8. It is about 5’ X 5’ X 5’. It is responsive to what I am playing using MIDI and OSC.


The LED pixel mapped mason jar chandler that @chriskulow & I DIY’d for my wedding. Thanks to @BallCanning jars for all the mason jars! Details to come in the following weeks! #madmapper #vdmx #masonjars #hipsterwedding #riverowedding14

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