Mad Mango

I know the movie is so old now and it’s a children’s film so I need to chill but Thomas Mcgregor did nothing wrong.

That land was legally his and then Bea comes up with this whole “Well you know the rabbits were here first” yeah ok but did the rabbits plant or tend to the garden?

I don’t see her making a garden of her own for the rabbits to eat from. Easy for her to look down on the Mcgregors when she’s not the one who has to deal with Peter’s antics.

Also that frog at the beginning of the film says to Peter that there were easier ways to get food so like Peter can’t even claim that they needed that food. He just wanted to steal it because it was fun and he’s kind of a dick.

Just some random Dylan stuff

From my trip to Colorado in June

Mango Madness Snapple bottles filled with napalm were found in his BMW after the shooting.

A place called Corvus Coffee Roasters has a Halcyon blend. Pretty good too!

Just around this bend to the right is the road to his house. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful there. I wish I could express it in words, but it’s impossible. I pulled off on the side of the road just to take it all in. I was talking out loud to him, feeling like a lunatic, but I felt like he was there. I’m pretty agnostic but the whole place has this otherworldly vibe. I don’t remember what all I said to him, but I hope he heard me. I hope he knows that 19.5 years after his death people still care and think about him every day, and wish he was still around, even if that means never knowing who he was.

What you became is not who you were. You were so much bigger than your sadness and misery. You could have done anything. I wish you had made better choices.

If there is anything after this life, I hope it’s everything you ever dreamed of. And if so, catch you on the flip side.

I keep getting older, but you’re 17 forever.

Happy birthday, Dylan


How loud this house


Round Up

22 April 2016

@mitochondricity tagged me to SDS and I obliged with the first photo in this set. But I also noticed that I hadn’t posted for five days, so here is a round up.

SDS selfie: This morning I did a meditation off the Insight Timer app. It was called ‘Replenish’, 11 min. It was helpful. I could feel the morning sun on my eyelids; all the noises of the suburb coming to life; feeling part of this world, but focusing on breath, vitality, acknowledging & accepting bodily & emotional feelings & sensations. I was a bit fidgety to begin with but I settled down. Mitzy stood and soaked up the sun.

Food: A breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. I enjoyed some mango madness after my meditation this morning; a vege stack out at The Doric Street Cafe for lunch with a friend who needed some training and rehab advice; last night’s five-minute teryaki stir-fry beef - healthy, home-made, fresh food can be faster than the drive-through junk variety.

The day I had lunch out was a crazy one: I had clients presenting with radically high and low blood pressure; I had to comfort and reassure a couple who were feeling overwhelmed by their situation; another had some suspicious inflammation which I referred to medical staff; on the way home a very small child darted on to the road in front of me (my brakes are in fine working order but what a shock!); and around the corner I stopped to assist what may have been a homeless or disadvantaged man who had come off a bike and was cut up and unsteady. He declined first aid and set off on foot. I suggested to the women who had been first on scene to report it to the local police, as he might be known to them.

Dogs: I have spent a lot of time with the pooch this week because I haven’t been out and I haven’t ridden my bike since Easter Monday. She’s enjoyed the extra playtime but not so much the groomer (but she looks so much sprucer) or the vet (like me she’s had some skin issues but hers are seasonal allergies). We went for a walk with a fat black labrador My Girl is exercising this week while its owners are on holiday. Mitto is three times Peppa’s age and three times more sprightly. Labs are such piggy scavengers if you allow it - Peppa managed to find some rubbish to eat with seconds of being let off leash. Ugh.

Dancing in the Kitchen: I have been struggling big-time with health issues this past week and indulged in some spontaneous kitchen dancing to 1980s hits with My Girl at 10.00pm on Thursday night. I have been trying to get on top of the unsightly and prickly peri-oricular dermatitis that has taken over my face since January (yay for selfie filters). The non-steroidal cream I was prescribed didn’t work so I agreed to risk antibiotics, which are the only assured cure. But effective therapies come with side-effects, and antibiotics are horrors, especially if you suffer from ulcerative colitis. So yep, 15 days in, the antibiotic diarrhoea struck with a vengeance, and I’ve suffered a couple of indignities (thankfully at home). I was not a happy girl yesterday. On my GI’s advice I have started GastroStop (it has helped) and of course am taking big doses of probiotics. The dermatitis has several triggers and I tick all boxes, but the bottom line is the crazy immune system. The dermatitis is showing signs of improvement, so I will monitor the situation and decide whether to take a break from the antibiotics on Monday.

In the meantime, I have having a totally chilled weekend. No stress, no driving, no riding, no appointments, no social pressure; just staying home, pottering and suiting myself. I will gather my thoughts, address some issues, make some resolutions. The Husb is in South Korea, so it is just the doggo and me, and visits from the kids.

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