me waking up in the morning: wow pietro sure did deserve better than what he got

me pouring myself some cereal: i cannot believe pietro was killed off just like that

me getting dressed: pietro maximoff, who has lighting speed and fast healing abilities, and you’re telling me that he couldn’t dodge those bullets

me during class: boy oh boy, pietro’s death back there sure did hurt wanda. a lot.

me brushing my teeth: i just cannot believe that they would develop him into such a good character and just kill him off after one movie. one.

me going to bed: pietro maximoff definitely deserved way better

you got them mad...

p r e p a r e  t o  d i e:  cancer, scorpio, pisces

they’ll scream at you until ur ears bleed: aries, leo, sagittarius

haha u don’t exist anymore: taurus, virgo, capricorn

*silent treatment*: gemini, libra, aquarius

****Check Mars