Tulip Flower par Philippe Gillotte
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Tulip Flower


Robert Llewellyn Explores the Enchanting Complexity of Magnified Plant Life

Robert Llewellyn’s captivating macro photography draws one deep into a hidden world. By exploring the otherworldly intricacies of plant life, his images allow one to really see the complexity and beauty of nature’s design. Balancing commercial photography work with his series of books (Seeing Flowers, Seeing Trees and Seeing Seeds), Llewellyn’s images bring a whole new level of observation to the natural world.

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posted by Margaret  

This is a gorgeous Golden Orb-weaver (genus Nephila, probably Nephila plumipes) I found in the Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney. If you look closely you can see the golden-colored silk that gives it its name. This adult female was almost 3 inches long, making it one of the largest wild spiders I’ve found.