931. Millicent Bulstrode and Ernie Macmillan became best friends in fifth year after Ernie stopped some younger students making fun of Millicent for her size. They kept their friendship secret so that Millicent could help pass information on the Inquisitorial Squad to the DA; she was the one who tipped off Dobby about the raid on the Room of Requirement. They remained best friends for life.

Why is Faslane so close to a major population centre when every other country sites reasons for not having WMD close to cities as an unsafe and unnecessary risk?
The Americans wanted it there. It was near deep waters, has good transport links and it was next to their naval base at the Holy Loch.(1959-92). Scotland’s interests having been regarded as of zero consequence when the key decisions were taken. Keeping in with America was more important to Harold Macmillan, Prime minister, than the people of Scotland.
Basically Scotland and its people are the necessary sacrifice in protecting the British establishment.
(Trident missiles are rented and collected from the US navy, their targeting and communications systems depend on US software and satellites, maintained by the US and their arming and firing systems are made in the US - all paid for by you - Who controls Trident?)