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Which Outlander Would You Fall for?

18th Century Scotland was filled with strapping men. They spent their days working the fields, hunting, fishing, fighting, and whooping it up on Rhenish. But, no two highlanders are alike.

Take this fun little quiz and find out which Highlander matches you best!

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Outlander Anatomist


Ten years ago today, the world met Veronica Mars. A fresh-faced newcomer named Kristen Bell made her TV debut as a teenaged private eye, ostracized by her fellow students,who solves crimes on the side, including the murder of her best friend.

"I feel like Veronica, her superpower is being able to say what she feels. To speak the truth, which I think for teenage girls is an especially empowering notion..Though she has no special fighting power or super power, her ability to speak her mind, I think made her special to fans." - Rob Thomas

© Toronto Street Fashion Fall has finally come, and I have to say, I am really enjoying how people are embracing the new season. I also particularly find that men in Toronto have an amazing sense of style, keeping it classy and sophisticated, yet unpretentious. Unfortunately, about 80% of the men I approach on the street refuse to be photographed, mainly because they feel uncomfortable in front of a camera or simply have no interest in having their photo posted on the web, which is really a shame. I think I have to work on my approach ~ any suggestions are welcome ~ Luckily, Mackenzie was kind enough to let me photograph him. Soon after, his friend joined and I was delighted to see that she had a great sense of fashion as well!  It was also a great coincidence to find out that Mackenzie is an extremely talented fashion photographer. Definitely take a look at his impressive work @Mackenzie Duncan!

Outlander Hiatus, Week 3: Supporting Ladies

A tribute to the lady characters of Outlander, and the nuanced performances by the women who portray them.

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