10 Moments From As Told By Ginger That Changed My Life

If My So Called Life and Lizzie McGuire had a Nickelodeon cartoon baby, I think it would be As Told By Ginger.

This show was so formative to me because it was introspective, relatable and had so many colorful characters who actually had character development. Character development! In an American animated TV show! Geared towards girls! Even their outfits changed pretty regularly. That’s incredibly rare.

Here’s a roundup of 10 moments from As Told By Ginger that definitely changed my life.

“Whenever I’ve been afraid to make that leap, I’ve thought back to that moment when it seemed like my Mom’s entire world fell apart, and yet she was still convinced of her love for my soon-to-be dad.

Time gives your life a unique perspective as you get older. You see that the challenges that once seemed so scary when you were young really weren’t that scary at all. Looking back, you’re glad you took the risks. Like my mother said, ‘If you don’t get a few bruises and scrapes along the way, then you’re not living.’

And if time teaches us anything in this crazy world, it’s that nothing worth having ever comes easy.

Thank you.”