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Sato Takeru, Suffering from ‘Altitude Sickness’, ‘A little dangerous’

The Television updated at 11:13, Dec 3, 2016

Sato Takeru, who visited Nazca and Maya, talked about ancient civilization.

Sato Takeru appears in the first and second part of the three-week series ‘The Premium Series: Unknown Ancient Civilizations’ (NHK BS Premium), starting on Dec 3. He visited Nazca, where Andean Civilization existed, which is said to have the most mysteries among ancient civilizations, and Maya (Guatemala), where Mayan Civilization prospered in the jungle. He reported on the Japanese team researching ancient civilization there. We interviewed Sato and he talked about what he felt during his trip and what he thought about ancient civilization.

――I hear that this was your first visit to Nazca and Maya. How did you like them?

When I was offered this project, I thought that I’d like to go to places new to me and that I might be able to understand human beings deeper by getting touch with such a civilization. ‘Primary Civilizations’, such as Nazca and Maya, started from nothing. The civilizations that started completely from zero might have great human essence hidden in them, I thought … The more I learn about such things, the more deeply I will understand human essential parts, and there must be something there that will lead to a great discovery or an idea which will have influence on our way of living now. So I was very interested.

――It was your first visit there. Did you have any troubles?

I was less in danger than I had expected and had a good trip because many people around me were used to the place. If I had been there by myself, I might not have returned alive. (lol) But it was in high land, so I suffered from altitude sickness a bit for the first time. Mine was not so serious one, but it was a little dangerous. I was careful not to frolic too much. (lol)

――You visited two places. How long did you stay there?

For about a week in each place. I stayed in Peru this January, and in Guatemala in summer.

――What did you do there?

In that I have little knowledge about civilizations, I have relatively similar viewpoints to the viewers, I thought. I hoped I could help viewers solve their problems by simply asking questions that came up to me. Director also told me, ‘It will be OK if you ask anything you have in your mind straight when you see something without caring about your role.’ So I was quite my natural self. I didn’t think ‘I have to make it!’ or something like that.

――What do you think about Japanese people making new discoveries about ancient civilization?

A lot of people in the world are doing researches and the Japanese researchers are in the front line. I felt both surprised and proud to hear that. I was happy that Japanese researchers are co-operating with people from many different countries, and some of them are taking the role of leaders.

――What impressed you most when you talked with the researchers?

A lot of things did. I went there without previous knowledge, so everything taught me something. For example, you may think it for granted but when I saw Mayan pyramid, I thought there are pyramids of the same shape in Egypt, too, though the materials are different. In totally different places, without any communication, the same shaped things exist, right? I wondered why and asked. Then they say human beings have a desire to head for higher places, and when they decided ‘to build a high building, there was no other way than building it in that shape in those days. On the foundation, people heap up the blocks over and over, so when they built a high building, it became the quadrilateral structure, they say. It means pyramids. They answered my question in about ten seconds. I really learned a lot!

――Through this trip, what did you feel and what were the benefits to you?

There were a lot of things I newly learned. I’ve been interested in civilizations, but had little knowledge. I visited the sites and I was taught a lot of things. People in modern world tend to look down on ancient people a bit, I think. For example, if you hear ancient people sang songs and played musical instruments, you may be surprised, I guess, say, ‘Wow, people played instruments thousands of years ago!’ It’s kind of haughty attitude, I think. I realized, ‘But wait a minute. It is because ancient people came up with it that we are singing as if it is a matter of course.’ As I learned to know about people in the past, my attitude changed. Of course they had no computers, but it may be possible that they had a higher IQ than us now … My mind about ancient people have changed that much. Also, I used have an impression that they were totally alien in the past far away from us, but I really felt, ‘People existed in the past and they passed the baton to the next generation one after another, and here we are now. We are connected.’

――Your mind changed after the trip, you said. Were there any clues to your job as an actor?

Recently many of the projects I’ve worked on are set in the modern world, but if I play a person who lived in the past from now on, I won’t think of him as an alien but I will have a different idea: It is because these people lived in those days that we are what we are now.

――Would you like to visit other primary civilizations?

As for the civilization I’d like to visit, I have never the pyramids in the desert with my own eyes, so I’d love to visit Egypt some day.

――I hear that you’ve liked Machu Picchu since your childhood. Are you interested in ancient civilizations o history?

The reason I was interested in Machu Picchu is something concerned with ‘Laputa’, I guess. When I was a boy, I didn’t understand what ‘ancient’ is or what ‘civilization’ is. I was just taken with its scenery, I feel. My recognition was just that I saw a great place on TV and it was etched in my mind.

――Finally, tell us the highlights of this program!

I went there without any previous knowledge (about ancient civilizations), but I was taught a lot of things, such as the story of pyramids, for example. More than that, honestly speaking, we are not sure how people have been living since the primary civilizations, that is, from nothing. I was taught a lot of things there and many times I had a lot of discoveries, such as, ‘Oh, as I expected! Human essence means something like this.’ Sometimes, on the contrary, I found, ‘They had different common sense as ours today.’ It created an opportunity for me to think back our way of living, I think. It was the case for me. I hope you will have such a feeling with me watching the program. Japanese researchers seem to be in the front line in the world. They are doing what may turn out to be a breakthrough if their excavation and research go well. So we can’t take our eyes off!

Klaroline + Endgame for 25 Days of Klaroline


A mini drabble of how I want their final scene to play out…This is dedicated to the beautiful @elleinaustin who is such a wonderful person and is always there to offer me support, love or travel suggestions! Watch out, I’m kind of in love with your hometown so may just decide to take up residence there ; ) Or at least get married eventually at the Driskill!

Machu Picchu - Andes Mountains, Peru - 2029

Give me love like her...

“Finally,” Caroline muttered, joining him atop the mountain and taking in the scenic view over the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. “You’re a difficult Original Hybrid to find.” Klaus wasn’t sure whether he was imagining her voice given he did it most days or whether she was actually real this time.

He turned to face her taking in those familiar blonde locks peeking out from her woollen beret, those expressive, blue eyes and that porcelain skin he’d dreamt about kissing repeatedly. She certainly seemed real enough but Klaus knew enough of his dreams that she was just probably another enigma.

“Um, hello?” She baulked. “I didn’t climb those bloody mountains for you to just ignore me.” Klaus had to laugh aloud, it was just so Caroline. “It’s not funny.”

“On the contrary, it’s hilarious,” he replied, thinking it was all still a dream. When Klaus told her he’d wait however long it took he meant it but patience wasn’t his best virtue and not having her in his life day after day was draining. Klaus wanted Caroline and he wanted her now. Happily ever after like all those fairytales he’d once mocked.

“Is this my punishment?” She huffed, throwing her bag on the ground unceremoniously. “You know, I took too long to get my act together and you’re just playing with me now.”

“Well…” he began before she interrupted in true fashion.

“You did say however long it takes,” she muttered. “It’s not my fault you don’t believe in deadlines, Mikaelson.” The more she rambled the more Klaus was starting to believe she was really here for him and not just a figment of his imagination. Finally. He turned towards her, drinking in her appearance and every familiar curve that he’d sketched daily and were now emblazoned on his brain.

“But how did you…”

“Surely you know enough of my curiosity and persistence to believe I found you.” Klaus didn’t doubt those attributes, in fact he knew and admired them immensely.

“I’m impressed.”

“Well you should be,” she growled, throwing off her beret and shaking her head in frustration causing a rippling effect through those golden waves. Her cheeks were tinged pink but Klaus wasn’t sure whether it was due to her mood or the cool temperature. “You’re difficult to find.”


“I went to New Orleans first but apparently the all mighty king wasn’t in residence,” she mumbled. “All I can say is at least i managed to sample some beignets.”

“Glad to see you were able to embrace the local culture during such a tough time.”

“Well, that’s nothing on Rome,” she recounted. “Between the pasta, gelato and canoli I think I gained at least five pounds. I mean why couldn’t you have picked less calorie laden locations?” Trust Caroline to be blaming him for that although he knew she was just rambling nervously to avoid revealing her true feelings.

“Speaking of which,” she continued. “Don’t get me started on Paris, I mean pain au chocolat, croissants, croque monsieur. Are you trying to make me fat?” Klaus wasn’t sure whether to respond or let her keep rambling. Her intensive stare in his direction was telling Klaus it was most definitely his turn to speak.

“They are all amazing cities,” he shared. “But if I was in Florence at the Uffizi or in Paris at the Louvre and standing in a room full of beautiful art, I know that all I could stare at was you,” She didn’t respond immediately, obviously trying to take in what he’d said.

“Another vindication of my little trip through these steep mountains,” she replied, slyly. “But just so you know I wasn’t happy to be in Tokyo all alone without a karaoke duet partner.”

“It’s probably a good thing given my voice doesn’t hold a candle to yours, love.”

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, surprising Klaus slightly.

“For what?”

“Taking so long to know what i wanted,” she added, regretfully. “Maybe if I’d decided a long time ago it wouldn’t have taken me three continents to find you.” Klaus turned around fully so that he could look in her eyes and place his hands gently over her shoulders.

“I’ve always loved you, Caroline, but I wanted you to work that out for yourself in your own time,” he murmured.

“I love you Klaus, I think I already knew it but I was being…”

“Stubborn?” Klaus suggested.

“Don’t push it, mister,” she growled before capturing his mouth with hers. He lost himself in her caress, her lips were just as supple as he remembered. Klaus closed his eyes revelling in the resurgent feelings her kisses were creating. It was only after they’d feverishly attacked each others’ lips excitedly that they eventually broke apart.

“Those other places I can understand but how did you know to come here?”

“You told me at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant that the only place you ever wanted to be alive was during a trek through the Andes.” Klaus was shocked at first. He remembered everything about her but never expected Caroline to feel the same way. “It’s obviously a special place for you.”

“And the only place I ever wanted to be alive twice,” he murmured, running his hand through her silky hair. “You brought me back, love. Again.”

Drabble collection HERE

Woman Insight

updated: 2016/12/03 20:00



You were able to visit long-cherished Machu Picchu. Do you have any foreign places you’d like to go privately in the future?

Sato I want to go new places without condition. I’ve never seen pyramids in the desert with my own eyes, so I’d like to go to Egypt, but I also want to visit Antarctic. I’ll never know how cold it is there unless I actually go there, right? The reason is similar to the one that I wanted to go to Machu Picchu because I watched it on TV, but it is a very interesting place.


In which country have you stayed longest?

Sato I’ve lived in NY for a little longer than three months. I went there with primary purpose of studying English, so I had no friends to be with and basically I was alone. In the morning, I learned English under a teacher, ate lunch by myself, went back to the teacher again in the afternoon, and then ate dinner alone again in the evening. (lol) I had nothing special, so I had a relaxed time.

What do you always take with you when you have a trip?

Sato “Donbei” (instant noodle). It’s not because I appear in the CM of “Donbei”, but this is what I never fail to take with me. What troubles me abroad is that ‘rice is different’. When I was in NY, I had rice and cup noodles sent from Japan. Without them, I would not have stayed long. Above all, “Donbei” is a must. During this trip, I took “Donbei” and “Cup Noodle” with me. Wherever you eat them, they are undoubtedly delicious just by pouring hot water.

If you take cup ramens, they are rather bulky and you have to exercise ingenuity in packing, right? Are you good at packing?

Sato I am worst at ‘packing’ of all the works in the world. How much clothes do I need? … What shall I take with me … How should I pack them … I have no idea. You’ll never know what is necessary before you go there, right? In the case of coverage, staffs get everything ready and I have no problem. But as for private trips, I often forget to take something. (lol)

This program will be broadcast in December, so please tell us what impressed you most looking back on this year.

Sato As you expect … ‘Your Name (Kimi no Nawa)’? It was a terrific film. And ‘Pokémon Go’. As I told you before, I’m an overindulged type of person. (lol) I used to go out to search for Pokémons. Now, I’ve caught all the Pokémons that you can find by searching for. So I’m just waiting for eggs to hatch.(lol)