Sooo here is my first ever mini-Machinima, featuring the Orourkes!

It is (fittingly) titled Run Away With Me after the song that is featured on it, which is by Carly Rae Jepsen.

I hope you enjoy it, as I had to endure 16+ crashes that occured on the program it was made on. :P

(Just a reminder that the guy with the mowhawk is younger Jovan and the guy with the buzzcut is younger Roger but you probably already knew that)

Baby Boy || Blackchinima || Sims 4 , I kind of tried hard but then I didn’t lol . Like the link through YouTube please 😊️🤗️


Jordan and I put together a fun little GTA V machinima called The Crow… check it out!


Trailer anyone?
SDCC 2015 Coverage: Transformers Combiner Wars Animated Series Via Machinima Coming Soon
Those of us clamoring for an animated series based on the popular Combiner Wars series, rejoice: it's happening! Via The Hollywood Reporter, we have received word that Combiner Wars will receive an animated series from Machinima, who are well known for c

An animated transformers series that’s aimed for the older fans, holy crap.


Una semana y más… y de hecho que olvidé compartirlo en el lugar más importante. AQUÍ, EN EL UNIVERSO DEL SALSEO, TUMBLR.

El Machinima que hice sobre Eternidad.


To the Moon and Back from Ansett4Sims.

Jonathan went all out on this. Dude has some mad editing skills.