“This comes with the whole being ‘human’ territory, babe,” Jack said as Gabriel sat with his arms crossed over his chest and sniffled wetly. His red rimmed eyes glowered at Jack as the blanket was yanked up further and tucked underneath his immobile arms. The glower barely left when Jack bent down to press a kiss to Gabriel’s forehead.

A cold had waylaid Gabriel, something that he had tried to get away not showing as he did his usual routine of cooking, cleaning and sewing for everyone, but had collapsed in the kitchen and been rushed to Angela where she declared that he the common cold. Thankfully he had just exhausted himself and Jack had put Gabriel to bed and Gabriel had been too weak and miserable to go against it.

“Take a nap, you have my comm number, call me or Angie if you need anything,” Jack said, running his fingers through Gabriel’s slightly sweaty curls.

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Can’t live in Dreams

There’s a timeline where Cisco Ramon graduates high school at 15, and his parents are more interested in Dante’s senior solo with his string orchestra than the acceptance letter to Stanford addressed to their younger son. But that’s ok. That’s always how it’s been. Cisco’s used to it, has long accepted it, and packs his bags.

Sometimes he lingers in the musical hall, where Giancarlo Aquilanti conducts a piece of music he’s heard a thousand times, and feels homesick, but more often, he hangs in the library or lecture halls, eagerly debating and discussing. He graduates early from there, too, and has as close to his pick of jobs as a brown kid’s gonna get, and feels pride, honest and true.

Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan are opening the first in a series of labs in Central city, but that’s not home anymore.

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anonymous asked:

How about a massive attack on Sanctuary by an army of something (your choice), and it's the toughest battle for all the companions and Sole yet, who fights the hardest ? Who wants to run/hide ? Who'd die, who'd get badly injuired and who'd survive with a few cuts and bruises ?

Codsworth: He’s at Curie’s side, wildly flying around and tending to the injured. He gets a few bullets grazing his casing, but he overall survives with minor damage. 

Cait: She’s very vocal, yelling expletives and lobbing explosives the entire time. She won’t go down without a fight, and takes out tons of the enemy soldiers. She ends up getting badly injured by a molotov. 

Curie: She’s hiding most of the time, running to safe spots to heal and administer emergency medical attention to the others. She gets nicked a few times, the worst being a large gash on her right bicep. 

Danse: Years of Brotherhood training have trained him for this, so he’s a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with power armor and a laser gatling, he makes a serious dent in the army. The worst injury he gets are a few bullets to the gut. 

Deacon: Smooth and sneaky espionage give him a huge advantage. He sneaks behind the enemy line and launches a mini-nuke, taking out about 1/3 of their assaultrons. Gets out without a scratch. 

Hancock: Similar to Cait, he’s going wild with explosives and a mini gun. He manages to destroy some Mr. Gutsy’s before a laser shot rips through his right shoulder, incapacitating him for the rest of the battle. 

Preston: He’s desperately calling for Minutemen backup, while taking down some stray soldiers that were getting too close for comfort. He’s giving it his all, considering he’s helped this place become what it is now. 

Piper: Piper’s a wicked shot with a modded pistol, dashing around quickly and felling enemies left and right. She ends up with lots of scratches and a bullet whizzing past her ear, but she comes out alright. 

Nick: He’s in charge of the rocket launcher, perched on a roof in a small shelter. He’s taking people out left and right, but ends up with a minigun shot tearing through his chest, severely injuring him. 

MacCready: He’s on a roof across from Nick, killing the hardest enemies with precise sniper shots. Mac actually gets out completely fine, due to his smaller stature and cat-like reflexes. 

X6-88: X6 became a cold, killing machine. He ruthlessly vaporized soldiers with his upgraded Institute rifle, dashing from place to place. He actually loses a hand, but he will be fine since he’s got a nanobiology to grow one back. 

Strong: Donning some armor, he simply runs out onto the battlefield, car muffler in hand. He bats at soldiers like they’re golf balls, sending many flying into the air. He gets several bullets in the arm and leg, but survives. 

Dogmeat: He runs around, gathering resources like bullets and stimpaks. He gets out unharmed. 

After the dust settled, the battle was won. Surprisingly, Sanctuary won with no fatalities, minus a few Minutemen. It would be hard, however, to heal and get things back to normal.