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La durata media di un abbraccio tra due persone è di 3 secondi. Ma i ricercatori hanno scoperto qualcosa di fantastico. Quando un abbraccio dura 20 secondi, si produce un effetto terapeutico sul corpo e la mente.La ragione è che un abbraccio sincero produce un ormone chiamato “ossitocina”, noto anche come l’ormone dell’amore.Questa sostanza ha molti benefici sulla nostra salute fisica e mentale, ci aiuta, tra l’altro, a rilassarci, a sentirci al sicuro e calmare le nostre paure e l’ansia.Questo meraviglioso tranquillante è offerto gratuitamente ogni volta che si prende una persona tra le nostre braccia, che si culla un bambino, che si accarezza un cane o un gatto, che si balla con il nostro partner, che ci si avvicina a qualcuno o che si tiene semplicemente un amico per le spalle.

The Lady in Red (2/?)

Title: The Lady in Red (2/?)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 1789
Warnings: Possible abuse, starvation, loss of memory due to traumatic events, fluff (for later)

(Part 1)

The woman slept for the rest of the day and through the night. Steve wanted to stay close in case she woke up suddenly but Bruce said it would be a while. She was completely exhausted from whatever ordeal she had gone through. Still, Steve was hesitant to leave and ended up bringing a laptop and his files into her room and started working on his mission reports while she slept. He caught a couple hours of sleep in the chair but mostly just watched over her, thankful for super solider cells that don’t need the regeneration sleep provides on a regular basis.

The next morning, he was sipping a cup of coffee that Nat had brought him, when her eyes fluttered open. She turned and stared at him, not showing as much fear as before, but still had a wariness in her eyes.

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Little Spinraza update for you: Still waiting on news from insurance. To me, it has occasionally felt absurd that they’d delay such a life-changing decision. After all—although this is somewhat of an exaggeration—my only real battle in life is against time; with every day that passes, my muscles become microscopically weaker than the day before. At the same time, I get it, there are protocols that must be followed to keep the insurance machine chugging along smoothly.

On Friday, I’ll be getting a few x-rays of my spine in anticipation of approval by my insurance. These x-rays will help inform my care team about the best methods for delivering the drug into my spine should we be approved. I had a spinal fusion when I was seven years old, so my spine is a gnarly mess of bone and metal. Getting a clear entry with that needle could prove to be challenging, but these x-rays will help us decide on the best course of action.

I am anxious, and nervous, and trying my best to stay pumped.


Welp i made it 100+ followers so i will play the game of bendy and the ink machine on Friday with a special guest! You may know her she is my best friend/sister! All so i will be drawing 4 bendy bloggers but i will let them choose on the character that they like! So @askdollbendy @bendyinky @bigbendy @ask-littlebendy @asksilentbendy @asksomecolouredink @ask-showstopper-bendy @ask-sillyvision @askthehumaninkdemon @askgentlemanbendy ready to choose a bendy blogger character? Remember you most only pick 4 so i will let you vote if one character got most votes that will be the first to draw okay bye guys! I will see you all later my ink friend. ;3