This was a surprise.

In the past hour, his device had been incessantly ringing with notification after notification of messages from people he had never heard of. Messages filled with hope and caring concern for the warrior, for his return to the path that he once walked and strove for.

He scrolled upwards and watched the words slide out of the screen’s view, eyes skimming through the messages as they passed by. Hope…caring…forgiveness… Jack was not fully aware of what he was feeling, but he had the vague sensation of being…lighter.

He began, a dry throat and mouth making his voice coarse.

He turned off notifications.

The warrior closed his eyes, feeling the gentle breeze blow through his hair. The air was crisp, clear. It was refreshing to breathe it in.

He needed to think about this.


Chief Keef - “Macaroni Time” (Bang Pt. 2, Coming 2013)

We desperately wanted a song called “Macaroni Time” to move us the way we felt moved when we heard “I Don’t Like” or “Love Sosa” for the first time. It doesn’t, but a 17-year-old from Chicago with priors will still dominate google searches for “macaroni time” instead of kindergarten thanksgiving lunches. Bang Pt. 2 coming soon.


Spacedogs Appreciation Week

February 9 - 15

If you like volatile Nigel with earnest Adam, come join us on February 9-15 for Spacedogs Appreciation Week! To participate, post fic, headcanons, fanart, edits, gifs, and anything you can think of to celebrate this amazing fandom niche.

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  • Daimon: Who does not love a good mac n' cheese? Everybody loves mac n' cheese!
  • Daimon: Chicken alfredo? Mac n' cheese. Lasagna? Mac n' cheese with some meat in it. It's all mac n' cheese, dude. Rigatoni?
  • Daimon: Well that's just a noodle, but... if you put cheese on it, it becomes mac n' cheese. You see where I'm going with this?
  • Utsugi: Hey Kemuri, what was your favorite Danganronpa game?
  • Kemuri: I really like the one where Daimon talked about macaroni for a loooong time!
  • Shingetsu: You going in for your surgery today?
  • Kemuri: Yeah... Hope it goes well...