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Big News: Two pandas selected from China for Macao

A pair of giant pandas were selected as gifts from the central government to Macao after three months of deliberation.

A female panda, numbered 667 (Shu Rong, first picture), and a male, numbered 726 (Ya Lin, second picture), were chosen from 55 candidates who met the age requirement at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan Province, said Zhang Zhihe, the base director. They have no blood relations, get on well with each other and are at the prime years for breeding, he said.

The pandas, both 110 kilograms in weight, will be flown to Macao at the beginning of May, taking the place of two pandas previously sent as gifts. Male panda Kaikai and his partner Xinxin, who died of illness last year, arrived in Macao in 2010. It is not decided yet whether Kaikai will be returned.

According to Lan Jingchao, head of the base’s veterinary hospital, panda No. 726, born in 2008, has large black patches around his eyes. He is strong, energetic, active and good at climbing. He likes interacting with the keepers and other pandas and has shown leadership qualities.

Panda No. 667, born in 2007, has a very round mouth, head, ear and body shape, which makes her seem like a rolling ball when playing. She is gentle and has a good appetite. She has displayed typical rutting behaviors for three years but has not yet mated, Lan said.

The pandas have gone through three rounds of selection. After the first two rounds, which were conducted by experts from across the country, two pairs stood out based on criteria such as age, health and fertility. The final selection was conducted by representatives from Macao.

A 30-day quarantine will be carried out before the two pandas set off on their journey to Macao.

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A pair of giant ‪‎pandas‬, female Shurong and male Yalin, were selected on Tuesday as gifts from the Chinese central government to be sent to‪ ‎Macao‬ SAR. The pandas will travel to Macao this May.


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