y’all realize everyone in the gang is horrible right? like dennis isn’t the satanic manipulator controlling everyone else? everyone’s bad? charlie isn’t ur dirty squishy king uwu and mac isn’t an angel either? they’ve both gone through some horrible shit but like,,, so has dee & dennis. why are some people using that to excuse mac & charlie & using the same shit to demonize dee & dennis. it’s not a half n half situation. they’ve all gone thru some traumatic shit & they’re all still horrible. this is the essential point of this show how do u miss that

No spoilers, please

I don’t know when we’ll see ‘Infinity War’, and we haven’t caught up on 'AoS’ yet, but I’m really hoping for the following in the final battle against Thanos, in order:

1. A dude in a hoddie rocks up and bitch-slaps Thanos with a metal hand

2. The dude turns out to be Coulson

3. It’s a distraction so that Mac can use his axe-gun (which I presume he’ll get) to chop off Thanos’s arm with the Infinity Glove

4. Daisy keeps Thanos pinned to the ground with her Quake powers

5. Coulson tells FitzSimmons to contain the arm and the glove

6. They all go for schwarma before heading back to SHIELD, while Fury’s laughing his butt off and the Avengers et al are going 'What?’ and Thanos is whining


Susan Kare, The Woman Who Gave the Macintosh a Smile

In 1982, she was a sculptor and sometime curator when her high-school friend Andy Hertzfeld asked her to create graphics for a new computer that he was working on in California. Kare brought a Grid notebook to her job interview at Apple Computer. On its pages, she had sketched, in pink marker, a series of icons to represent the commands that Hertzfeld’s software would execute. Each square represented a pixel. A pointing finger meant “Paste.” A paintbrush symbolized “MacPaint.” Scissors said “Cut.” Kare told me about this origin moment: “As soon as I started work, Andy Hertzfeld wrote an icon editor and font editor so I could design images and letterforms using the Mac, not paper,” she said. “But I loved the puzzle-like nature of working in sixteen-by-sixteen and thirty-two-by-thirty-twopixel icon grids, and the marriage of craft and metaphor.”

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mac is gay. this is what he, a gay, deserves.

Mac has struggled with his faith and his sexuality so much, which is why I so badly want him to be happy. I’ve struggled with my weight, sexuality, and faith all at the same time, so seeing Mac in pain makes me feel like I’m looking at myself from 10 years ago.

I see myself in Mac’s coming out, his going into the closet, his coming out again. I see myself in Mac referring to himself as an abomination; I know how it feels to struggle with feeling like your sexual orientation goes against God. I know how it feels to think that who you love and how you love is a sin.

He and Dennis have had so many close encounters, where they almost kiss or almost admit feelings for each other, but it’s always Mac doing the hard work of acknowledging and accepting his emotions. If we’re being honest, Dennis is so obsessed with his self-image that he’ll never even come close to thinking he’s gay or bi, because it contradicts his idea of himself as a “golden god” - he wants to live up to the stereotype of what society thinks of as the perfect man. Not only is the societal ideal of the perfect man heterosexual, he would never even question his sexuality - which is why Dennis won’t either.

Mac can’t grow with Dennis. Mac is changing, and Dennis is static, never questioning his ideals or questioning why he thinks it’s important for him to be the “perfect” straight man. 

In short, Dennis is the face of toxic masculinity. He is toxic.

Mac is a good guy. Mac is a good gay. Mac deserves an equal.

Mac deserves a guy like Mark Zuckerberg.

MacZuck is so important because Dennis will always be in the closet or in denial. Being in a gay relationship where one person is closeted? Toxic.

Zuck is an infinitely better partner than Dennis in theory and in practice. 

MacDennis is toxic. MacZuck is healthy.

Dennis will always be stuck in his misogynistic, self hating ways. Zuck always wants to grow. Imagine Dennis doing a focus group on his personality…you can’t. Dennis would never be so open to any and all forms of self improvement like Zuck is.

Also, Dennis is so stagnant in his career. Mac has better ambitions than that and deserves to be with someone who didn’t peak in high school.

In conclusion, entering MacZuck is one of the best decisions Mac has ever made. I’m so happy for him and I can’t wait to see him thrive with an out of the closet, proud, healthy male partner by his side.