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So um...*coughs* Would you mind having a couple characters from UT (or AUs) and GF (your choice!) walking in on their SO dancing to uptown puffs? (I have an unhealthy obsession with the song XD)-LP

Wowie, I can’t believe the mysterious LP is a dork!! Heh, it’s always a pleasure, hun! Hope my character choices are okay.. -Mod Quinn


-He starts laughing. He can’t help it, the entire thing is so weird and adorable.

-Then he just… sits down. And makes a little hand motion for them to keep dancing.

-He doesn’t particularly like dancing, but if they want him to, he’ll dance for a little while.

-He’s going to tease them about the song for… well, until something more embarrassing happens.


-He just stands in the doorway and stares for a little while. They are being so cute, oh my stars.

-If they notice him, he’ll just grin and start dancing with them. Heck, even if they don’t notice him, he’ll join in eventually.

-He’s going to play the song all the time now. The S/O will almost be asleep, then he blasts it in their ear. They’ll be eating breakfast peacefully, and suddenly it’s playing right behind them. They’ll never escape.


-She hides before they can see her. She just needs a moment to appreciate how much of a cute dork her S/O is.

-While she’s trying to gather the courage to say something, she’ll film them. She probably ends up sending it to a group chat, only to remember that her S/O is on said group chat. She messed up.

-When she’s finally ready to say something, she awkwardly walks in, blushing, and accidently yells, “THAT WAS REALLY CUTE!”

-She then proceeds to run out of the room and internally scream at herself for acting weird.


-She walks in, squeals, and immediately starts dancing with them.

-Okay, it starts with her just swinging them around, but it turns into dancing eventually. She probably starts singing, too.

-She SOMEHOW turns it into slow dancing. Don’t even ask me how, she just sort of… did it. She felt like doing something romantic, and what’s more romantic than slow dancing to a song that’s not at all meant for slow dancing? …Please don’t answer that last question.


-He just sort of stands there, a fair bit surprised.

-If his S/O sees him and stops, he’ll snap out of it. After a couple moments of awkward silence, he’ll start singing. Really badly, but he couldn’t think of anything else to do.

-If his S/O drags him into dancing with them, he’ll mostly just be stumbling around. He’s not really that good at dancing, especially when he’s caught off guard.

Bill Cipher:

-He just leans against the doorway and watches, waiting for them to notice him, the smug weirdo.

-Once they acknowledge him, he walks over, takes their hand, and starts dancing with them.

-He gets pretty into dancing, especially when it’s the weird and fun kind, so it’ll probably end with the both of them a laughing mess on the floor.

-He’s going to tease them about their music choice for a looong time.


I’ve made an animation wuwuwuuuu!!!

It is the very first animation I’ve done, a short video with older DipDip and Mabel :3c 
Ship allowed me to use his voice for this (isn’t he the best?!). I’m really happy with how it turned out 

Fandom Updates 3
  • (The trilogy we didn't need.)
  • Gravity Falls: RemeMBER thE faLls?? MorE LiKE remMeber tHE feEls (leT ME FUCKING ESCAPE THIS FANDOM)
  • Steven Universe: what the heck happened to the twitter calm down and the shit is up with Storm in the Room + Why steven, why? memes
  • Jacksepticeye: anTI??? ITS NOT TIME WAIT YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE YET CALM DOWN. and septiishu #confirmed
  • Markiplier: its the final countdown (TO OUR DEEAAATHS. TO OURRR DEATHS) + watch?v= fuck you