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Explicit | Word Count: 2.3k | [AO3]

I saw @prettyboydean‘s reblogged gif post with these two and I needed to write this. 

They left without him again. They probably want to have a family moment together. Dean’s words echo in his mind We’re family, Cas. Maybe not family enough. Mary is back and they probably don’t need him anymore, or at the moment. It’s probably nothing personal. He’s got more pressing matters, though, he has to fix his mistake and hunt down Lucifer.

Castiel bangs the door of the pickup truck and sighs. Reaching into his trench coat, he feels the piece of paper with the man with the endearing accent’s number. Okay, it wasn’t that endearing; he’s heard many people with it but something about his sent tingles through his body. Taking the scrap paper out, he reads the name and the number. Maybe he’ll know something about Lucifer, it might be a stretch but it doesn’t hurt to try.

He takes out his cell and types in the number. With a deep breath he presses call, bringing the phone up to his ear. He listens to the first ring, then the second, then the third, maybe he won’t pick up. With the final ring, he hears a weary voice grumble an unwelcoming hello.

“Is this Mick?” Castiel gruffly asks.

“Yes. Whose…Mr. ‘I don’t sweat under any circumstances?” Mick’s voice clears up.

“My name is Castiel.” He exhales in annoyance.

“Right.” Mick chuckles, “How may I be at your service?”

“Meet me at Rudy’s Bar.” Castiel states, remembering he passed it while coming over to this place. “I have some questions.”

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