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Hello~ Can you do Infinite as mythical creatures please?

Well hello there~ I think this sounds fun and I hope you like how it turns out!



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A phoenix! A golden bird that bursts into flames when it dies and is reborn in it’s ashes. He’s taken down a lot but always comes back strong and does his best.


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A hobgoblin! A humanoid creature who is playful and mischievous but can get rowdy and even confrontational when antagonized. 


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A pixie! A supernatural humanoid creature with pointy ears that likes to cause mischief. He’s cute, playful, and endearing.


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A dragon! They are fire-breathing reptiles with wings that often hoard treasures. I feel like he’d be purple and hoard anything that goes well with him.


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A banshee! For anybody who’s ever heard his high-pitch screams you’ll understand. They are spirits that shrieks/wails to tell of an impending death.


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A vampire! A charming being who is immortal and lives by drinking blood. He’s got the looks, the walk, the talk, and a gaze that will draw you in quickly.


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An alicorn! This is the name for a winged unicorn. It’s magical, mythical, mysterious, and beautiful to look at.

Infinite mood boost:

just “some” clips/fancams of Infinite that would make your day better :)

  • 4K of The Eye perf. it’s lit
  • being thankful for this cute ass perf of Thank You
  • Sungyeol imitating Sungkyu singing 60 Seconds. 
  • Sungyeol in a suit, and chilling with a lil cutie
  • Nell Fanboy
  • that same lil cutie from the video above chills with Dongwoo
  • Woohyun and Howon gets gold medals and they’re too hype
  • idol sports way back when and infinite dancing heh
  • Sungkyu (and others) being embarassed by Woohyun dancing to Jewelry’s One More Time
  • woohyun swoon
  • have you ever watched sung-myung-jong trio dancing to Bangkok City
  • Hoya making gross hearts and forcing sungkyu and sungjong to throw up hearts. 
  • water bottle
  • sungjong laughing at sungkyu heh
  • hoya dancing ah-choo
  • heh sungyeol, man in love
  • aegyo set: Howon & Woohyun
  • 100 second aegyo 
  • sungkyu trynna dance but it aint going well
  • that one time infinite proved they sing well live ;)
  • pick me pick me pick me (sungyeol ft. howon)
  • myungsoo trynna rip sungyeols shirt off heh
  • myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungyeol laughing at myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungjong + soccer ball = not good day
  • everyone copying sungjong 
  • don’t
  • poor sungkyu & pt2
  • 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루루
  • nam woohoo
  • 동우 성규