ooc;; fights someone as kirby in For Glory mode in Smash 4. 1v1.
they stick around. fight me for another round after they beat me
they choose King Dedede for our second round

ooc;; i legitimately love this guy

keto is going well–i notice i have way less cravings when i really stay on top of my fat intake, so usually when i start getting them, I try to eat something super high fat and that helps a lot. also tea with heavy cream has been like a nice “treat” for myself in the place of like, dessert which feels like a good middle ground

Ch 109 Review: Children

Another Kuroshitsuji arc, another way poor children are being harmed…

What’s that you say? They’re not being harmed? They’re being fed and taught for free?

Well I’ll be darned! That’s very different for this series! I’m used to children getting a bad deal in Kuroshitsuji:

  • The Noah’s Arc Circus kidnapped and caged children for Baron Kelvin’s use.
  • Weston College trapped children in its messed up morality system.
  • The German army tricked and exploited Sieglinde Sullivan. 

Sensei keeps presenting us with messed up outcomes for children, so I’ve always interpreted those children as foils for Ciel. Ciel could have easily ended up in any of those situations himself, but when presented with kids in these sorts of situations, he tends to think it could never end the same way for him. 

  • Ciel was kidnapped and caged, but having Sebastian made him special. He thought himself superior to Baron Kelvin’s victims because they were not able to summon demons.
  • Though he operated inside the Weston system, he called the other children “brainwashed,” and again felt superior.
  • He used Sullivan as a pawn for Queen and Country and felt superior to her for it, despite acting as a pawn for the Queen himself.

In this arc, in a system that helps children instead of exploiting them … I have absolutely no idea how that’s going to play out as a foil for Ciel. I’m going to keep my eye on that…

Chapter 109 can be purchased in English for about $2. Go buy it! Support Toboso-sensei and show Yen Press there is an English-speaking market willing to spend money on Kuroshitsuji.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me kind words while I was going through my relationship troubles. After realizing that my ex was a beast and not the prince in my fairy tale, I am doing just fine~
I am going to take this time to treat myself. It has been too stressful and icky.

Living the Non Fitblr life

As much as I try to stay active and eat healthier, I haven’t been working on it like I should.

I feel like I am making up for lost time. After all the years spent waitressing, and just making it by money wise, I am finally treating myself. Although, the vacation has been going on longer than I want. 

At this point, I have woken up at 8:30am for the past four days. Eaten whatever I want. Not worked out. And I do not feel good. As happy as I am to be doing what I love and making more money, I want to physically feel good. I am tired of being easily winded when going for walks and runs. I miss being able to lift heavy and the soreness of my muscles after a good workout. 

I really must make a change because I am not happy with myself. I have been letting myself go for far to long.

I need to do this. I want to do this. I can do this.