WINGS/BST album came out October 2016. By January 5th, the choreo for Not Today is completed already and sent to Bighit/Bangtan to study. That’s like 2 months, they also had Spring Day to practice too. And also allot time to film the MV and photoshoot for the album. I can’t even wrap my head around how much hard work that is. Especially when BST came out they were sooo busy already and all the Award Ceremonies and everything~ So much hard work, I’m so proud ;_; At the same time worrying about their health.

Bangtan makes it look easy to do but they’re really built on lots of hard work and sincere love for what they do. 

Look, I know it’s hard not to be disappointed and I think just let people be disappointed, it’s their own money they spent. But being disappointed is not the same as being mad at bangtan themselves for it. So I hope no one is actually mad at bangtan, coz that’s just unreasonable. Also for some fans, especially those who haven’t had a chance to buy WINGS, then buying this new album is a great opportunity to finally own all the songs plus the new ones. I just hope we don’t regret buying the physical copy since it really does help bangtan a lot. Not just for this comeback but for award shows as well~

BUT IN THE END I hope all these doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still a comeback and we have 4 new songs to look forward to. And that Bangtan worked hard for this and has been working non-stop all these years. And what with a World Tour coming up too ;_; Also, they really literally can’t stop talking about the new songs so I really hope we still try our best to help them succeed with this album. ^_^ 

As always, thank you all so much for doing your best to support Bangtan in everything they do. ♥


Dạo này tâm trạng không tốt, tự dưng nghĩ vậy lại thấy buồn cười, “dạo này”, ừm, làm gì có dạo này, hay dạo khác, vốn dĩ tâm trạng luôn không tốt, không cần người khác phải đến và làm nó trở nên tồi tệ, vốn dĩ chính bản thân nó chưa bao giờ khá hơn được, vậy nên tốt nhất không cần đổ lỗi cho người khác và cũng ngừng việc tìm cách cải thiện nó đi, tập quen dần với việc này, mọi thứ từ đầu nên là như vậy.
—  Tử Đằng.

bighit is great with these things though. like if you watched bangtan in AMAs and saw DNA and got to know them…. and then mic drop is gonna come out after that you’ll be able to like see bangtan in this two different perspective in terms of music and attitude and if one isn’t to your liking maybe the other one is so I think it’s great. there’s something for everyone’s taste coz bangtan is awesome like that.