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What if Stanford and Stanely got used to switching bodies a lot, like the carpet was an early invention and they just switched with each other all the time because they were twins. That would make some interesting complications, but it might also explain why Stanford looks different in each of his memories.

“Stanley, get out of that chair.”


“Because you’ve been sitting in it for four days going over your nerd math. You’re growing mold.”

“I can’t lose my place in these calculations, Stanford.”

“Also you smell. Have you considered that?”

*sniffs self* “Hmm, doesn’t bother me.”

“It bothers me.”

“Alright, then go take a shower for me.”

“What–how–the carpet? Ah no way I’m not stepping in that smelly thing.”

“It’s the same body, Stanford. Genetically identical? Plus it’d really help me out. Also if you can get some sleep for me that’d be great.”

“It’s the principle of the thing, Stanley! I worked hard for this body. Blood and sweat and tears! You’ve gone through like 8 boxes of girlscout cookies during this whole math binge.”

“Then go take a jog for me, too.”


“40 bucks, cash.” 


“And I’ll let you play with the centrifuge for an hour.”


“You’re walking to the carpet. Is that a yes?”

“You’re just lucky I’m broke, and like spinning things at speeds that would kill people.”

“I’ve got the best brother.”

“Yeah yeah, if I tear your knee exercising for the first time in 20 years don’t expect an apology.”