Alright listen everybody, the wonderful neverregretthyfall showed me this very important post, so here we go, Montparnasse headcanon time!

Montparnasse being a criminal but not a villain.

Montparnasse teaching Gavroche how to hide knives in his boots and other little tricks so he can defend himself.

Montparnasse never leaving any traces at crime scenes because he’s always wearing these absolutely gorgeous Armani leather gloves.

Montparnasse having an existential crises when Enjolras tells him he never uses any hair products ever and “Why are you staring at me? This is quite unsettling. Parnasse?! What are you doing? Joly, I think he had a heart attack.”

Montparnasse giving Bahorel this absolutely perfectly fitting, high fashion waistcoat he “found” for his birthday. Bahorel is delighted.

Montparnasse and Patron-Minette always being the distraction when the Amis pull another not exactly legal but totally necessary stunt so the cops don’t know who to follow first.

Montparnasse flirting shamelessly with every police officer whenever he has to bail Gueulemer out of jail again. Javert is not amused.

Montparnasse stealing all these high-end, expensive clothes and giving them to thrift shops for free as soon as they’re not fashionable anymore.

Montparnasse only allowing Jehan to cut his hair and no one else ever because their hair just always looks perfect and he doesn’t trust hairdressers.

Montparnasse going over to Grantaire’s when Éponine tells him he has a particularly bad day and picking a fight with him so he can let out all his anger and grief on Montparnasse who ends up tugging a worn down and drained Grantaire into bed at 3 am.

Montparnasse telling Éponine she’s beautiful and absolutely great every time he sees her because she asked him not to steal things for her but he would do anything to make her smile.

Montparnasse telling Gavroche to go to school regularly and to do his homework because he doesn’t want Gavroche to end up like him without any real perspective and future.


vulnerable Spock gifs (AOS)

Well, here we are for AOS Spock. Shy, vulnerable, angst-ridden, young Spock. My favorite part of the AOS movies… None of these GIFS are mine, I just love Spock and want to share him!

^ Spock’s not-so-subtle stare of longing. I love this idea that the rules of eye contact are still unclear to Spock with his Vulcan upbringing, so he’s kind of trying to figure it out as he goes.

^ The downwards-upwards glance. There’s something very shy and avoidant about that.

^ This expression is tremendously sad in my opinion, because Pike was Spock’s mentor as well and while Jim can openly express his emotion about Pike’s death, Spock just bottles it up, and never speaks of it.

^ I imagine this is how Spock acts in social environments that aren’t strictly work-related.

^ that look hurts my soul. There’s such loss in those eyes.

^ I think Spock really struggles to understand the value of his life to Jim and the emotions surrounding that. He’s not trying to freeze anyone out; he just can’t comprehend why people care about him. 

^  @sunfell​, here’s that swallow you were talking about! You’re absolutely right that this is a characteristic of Spock’s that is so subtle and vulnerable. Also, this pic really captures the loneliness and pain that Spock endures. He doesn’t feel like he fits in anywhere…

^ I love the way Spock tilts his head slightly.

^ Spock risks his life and his command of the Enterprise in this moment to save the family he’s likely been estranged from.

^ me too. I think this is a really intense thing about Spock. He CAN’T control his emotions at times, and he feels so ashamed about that. Imagine carrying around all this grief and anger and loneliness and struggling with this idea that you’ve betrayed your culture in expressing what hurts you inside.  

^ Instructor Spock. Always apart from others, always different from the rest.


^ You can see the fear in Spock’s eyes. He can’t say it, but he desperately wants Jim to stay, to remain safe beside him.

^  when Spock has to face his fears of being replaced and unwanted. :’( 

^ It is always a struggle to restrain his emotion, to try to meet that compromise between Vulcan expectations and Human desires, to deal with the fallout of his own soul.

I know there are more GIFs out there than this, but I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting too long for more angst Spock. Spock is so vulnerable; it’s what drew me into this fandom.  I’m glad so many people feel similarly. LLAP! Or, you know, go cry over Spock’s need for hugs. That’s probably what I’m going to do now… 

Sometimes I wonder why I love Montparnasse so much because he’s well, a criminal. And a murderer. And an arrogant asshole. And then I remember the guy literally sulks like a five year old, is so fashion obsessed he wears a corset and flowers in his buttonholes when he goes for a freaking robbery, cares deeply for Éponine and as one of the most feared criminals of Paris at eighteen gets stolen from by a goddamn twelve year old and I think, right…that’s why.