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What if Stanford and Stanely got used to switching bodies a lot, like the carpet was an early invention and they just switched with each other all the time because they were twins. That would make some interesting complications, but it might also explain why Stanford looks different in each of his memories.

“Stanley, get out of that chair.”


“Because you’ve been sitting in it for four days going over your nerd math. You’re growing mold.”

“I can’t lose my place in these calculations, Stanford.”

“Also you smell. Have you considered that?”

*sniffs self* “Hmm, doesn’t bother me.”

“It bothers me.”

“Alright, then go take a shower for me.”

“What–how–the carpet? Ah no way I’m not stepping in that smelly thing.”

“It’s the same body, Stanford. Genetically identical? Plus it’d really help me out. Also if you can get some sleep for me that’d be great.”

“It’s the principle of the thing, Stanley! I worked hard for this body. Blood and sweat and tears! You’ve gone through like 8 boxes of girlscout cookies during this whole math binge.”

“Then go take a jog for me, too.”


“40 bucks, cash.” 


“And I’ll let you play with the centrifuge for an hour.”


“You’re walking to the carpet. Is that a yes?”

“You’re just lucky I’m broke, and like spinning things at speeds that would kill people.”

“I’ve got the best brother.”

“Yeah yeah, if I tear your knee exercising for the first time in 20 years don’t expect an apology.”

Alright listen everybody, the wonderful neverregretthyfall showed me this vip (very important post) so here we go, Montparnasse headcanon time!

Montparnasse being a criminal but not a villain.

Montparnasse teaching Gavroche how to hide knives in his boots and other little tricks so he can defend himself.

Montparnasse never leaving any traces at crime scenes because he’s always wearing these absolutely gorgeous Armani leather gloves.

Montparnasse having an existential crises when Enjolras tells him he never uses any hair products ever and “Why are you staring at me? This is quite unsettling. Parnasse?! What are you doing? Joly, I think he had a heart attack.”

Montparnasse giving Bahorel this absolutely perfectly fitting, high fashion waistcoat he “found” for his birthday. Bahorel is delighted.

Montparnasse and Patron-Minette always being the distraction when the Amis pull another not exactly legal but totally necessary stunt so the cops don’t know who to follow first.

Montparnasse flirting shamelessly with every police officer whenever he has to bail Gueulemer out of jail again. Javert is not amused.

Montparnasse stealing all these high-end, expensive clothes and giving them to thrift shops for free as soon as they’re not fashionable anymore.

Montparnasse only allowing Jehan to cut his hair and no one else ever because their hair just always looks perfect and he doesn’t trust hairdressers.

Montparnasse going over to Grantaire’s when Éponine tells him he has a particularly bad day and picking a fight with him so he can let out all his anger and grief on Montparnasse who ends up tugging a worn down and drained Grantaire into bed at 3 am.

Montparnasse telling Éponine she’s beautiful and absolutely great every time he sees her because she asked him not to steal things for her but he would do anything to make her smile.

Montparnasse telling Gavroche to go to school regularly and to do his homework because he doesn’t want Gavroche to end up like him without any real perspective and future.


When America proposed to England, he wanted to do it in grand style and planned everything perfect, but America got extremely nervous and when England asked him what they will do on their date, he tried to lie casually but accidentally said in a very casual way that he will propose to him. It took America a while to realise why exactly England stood dead in tracks and looked at him with wide eyes.