astro as anime boys

mj: boy next door, best friend from forever!! calls your mom his mom, knows where you hide your house key. goofball who is always there to cheer you up after a bad test, surprisingly good at baking and delivers fresh muffins to your doorstep just for the heck of it. your moms wonder when you will start dating. your dad eyes him suspiciously hehe

jinjin: bad boy heartthrob that always has earbuds in, feet kicked up on desk in front of him. orders cds from overseas and has 10k followers on soundcloud. doesn’t do the homework but does well enough on the tests to get by. seems intimidating but you caught him leaving a box of chocolate pocky on your desk once…has a really nice smile

eunwoo: class president, lets you borrow notes when you’re sick without you having to ask, receives chocolates from e v e r y girl (and some guys) in your school. usually very smiley and composed but gets real blushy around you. just wants to hold your hand. spent a week building himself up to do it but he missed and got your wrist instead rip

moonbin: the cool, friendly guy that everybody likes. popular but super welcoming and easy to talk to. has a habit of scratching the back of his head when he’s nervous. unintentionally flirty, likes to ruffle your hair and sling his arm around your shoulders. you aint dating but he acts like you are :-)

rocky: boy playing soccer on the field during lunch. also swims and does tae kwon do and volleyball?? super duper athletic, super duper competitive. looks cutest after a hard workout, but cleans up rly nice…rocky in a suit is a sight. will 100% steal your food, but gives you his umbrella when it’s raining, mostly b/c he cares but also b/c he knows that he looks good in a wet t shirt ;)

sanha: convenience store worker that always gives you a discount. sometimes throws in free chocolate or cup ramen. younger than you, but positive that he’s gonna win over your heart. very chipper and upbeat. willing to talk to you about everything and anything. a good listener. the type to adopt a dog off the street.


he’s so beautiful (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

I hate that day,
I called, waiting for you to come back home,
you were at uni, maybe not hearing the phone or maybe ignoring me,
I guess, I called you more than 6 times,
I mesaged you a “What’s wrong?” text,
I hate that day,
you came home and you smelled of cigarettes and spring, your voice was like the first snow, cold, but beautiful,
“Go back home”, you said.
“What, why, what happened?”
I hate that day,
you did not want to answer to my questions, you ignored me and ignored me,
I guess I will never find out why you suddenly decided you don’t need me anymore.
I hate that day,
we kissed, we hugged, we broke-up.
—  i hate that day 🌙