Twitter 16/09/27

Everyone who watched #Korekakeruare, thank you.

It’s good that Kaotan was there

The censor for foul language must have been disconnected lol

This was a very rough outing for my mouth

It’s inexcusable   ( ^ω^; )

Those of you who didn’t watch it can view it from the archives.

Twitter 16/09/27

It’s honestly a shock that I found the tomatoes to be that good, since I don’t really like tomatoes that much.

Tomato, my saviour, from now on I won’t leave you behind.

I’ll put my stomach in order and then sleep.

Let’s do that.

The show has been renewed and will start again in October. Every subsequent episode will be live streamed.

You can view it here: (I highly recommend it)

Today is Good Friday.
In other words, around 2000 years ago on this day, Jesus took on his shoulder the many sins, anxiety, depression, etc. of many. May we never forget the price He paid on that cross for our sins, and more than that—to give us grace and mercy. With no idea that Sunday was coming. What a Savior… I’m forever thankful for this love. It’s a perfect, crazy not-of-this-world kind of love story.