I never really thought I was a bad person...

I am strong willed, and hard headed. I am divorced, and support my children, thanks to a career that I absolutely love. I receive ZERO child support and ZERO state help. I’m proud to own cars, take vacations and have not needed someone to support me and my prescious babies. After divorce, I was seeking nothing but the wrong things in men. I happen across this man 10 years younger, and as much as I resisted, he seemed an old soul, that was kind, sweet, tender, and somehow captured my heart. Seriously, captured it.
Later, I find the worst……
He is such a lost soul, unable to feel love from human touch. He finds comfort only in cyber love with me and so many others. He is now gone forever. Returned to his roots, where life in Paradise is so much easier. I should have seen it coming, but I actually trusted him more that the man I was married to for far too long. The lies stretched to the moon and back. Of course, I have cried for the last 3 days. Today was the worst. I am more pissed at myself for allowing someone to again treat me like that again. Knowing a true miracle to find a selfless man that loved every ounce of me for me. One that sees my struggles and appreciates my imperfections, recognize that I have worked hard to raise amazing children. We can all hope, he will be there. If he isn’t, life with me is pretty amazing. After all, they made me feel like SHIT but I know I’m pretty darn amazing. It will take time to cleanse my mind, but it will happen. I have to be strong again, I know how to be strong, I have allowed weakness for too long.


listen here my prescious sources of information

does enyone know places where i can find freegan food? like, i was searching where the shops and supermarkets near my place dump their unsold stuff but their containers are in some fucking narnia or sth and i’m not sure if i can ask the workers directly if they want to give me the food they’re disposing of every day

i’d be really, really, really grateful if you could tell me sth interesting considering dumpster-diving bc i’m fed up with paying so much for food and my scholarschip is not enough and i REALLY don’t want to take money from my family, they’re doing too much for me anyway

don’t be afraid to send messages, i will answer them privately!

needtostopchangingmydamnurl asked:

I need the story behind 'Literal chainsaws up the anal cavity mermica peterson'

So my friends and i have this terrible ongoing joke that im the mother of the group and my friend Danielle Is the father, our three children (who btw are black and mexican) all share an incestuous relationship with their father who is also my son(i adopted him and then we got married), and his real mother is named Ms. erica Peterson, so we call her Merm. Well one day i was trying to explain why i wouldnt hve sex with a black guy and i described big black dicks in the only way i could think tht would describe the pain that would cause my prescious white boy posterior was “chainsaws up the anal cavity” keep in mind i didnt realize Danielle was on the phone with Merm at the time (side note i only call merm, Ms. erica Peterson) so she like put it on speaker phone and Merm was like “What did you just say? Aha!” And i looked at Danielle and she was like “chainsaws up the anal cavity, merm” i just sighed and shook my head and then danielle chuckled and was like “lol Mermica Peterson” we all looked at each other and simultaneously said “Literal chainsaws up the anal cavity Mermica Peterson” then had a laugh……wow were weird.