Cullen’s cute little awkward headscratch AKA “I’m not a model the camera just went off by itself.” (Ref: x)  Photoshop crashed 6 times while I drew this. I’m assuming because it couldn’t handle the sexy. 

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Ashton Irwin is one of the nicest people to fans AND paparazzi. Don’t you dare try and tell me he’s in the wrong here. He was with his mother, his brother who’s still a child, and his girlfriend on a short trip home which he rarely gets. And he gets his address blasted, literally putting his entire family in danger and gets stalked through the streets. IM SO. IF YOU THINK HES BEING RUDE I DONT KNOW IF WE CAN ASSOCIATE.


..It might have became a habit! ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ


Characters of the Silmarillion

Celebrimbor [Tyelperinquar] : last of the House of Fëanor, lord of the elves of Ost-in-Edhil in Eregion, the head of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, a guild of elven craftsmen and friend of the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm.

Co-maker of the Doors of Durin and forger of the Three Rings of Power.