I returned to Japan from nice and warm place, Hong Kong.
Though it was suddenly heavy snowfall and was a rare sight in our town.🏠❄️😱
Well, I’ve never seen such a heavy snow and my daughter neither.
She had an enjoyable time last night.☃️✨

いや、凄い雪でしたね 関東地方。
積もりたて ふっかふかの綺麗な雪の上で



Thrift store finds.

I don’t really collect G3 but this girl’s colours were just so unusual I had to get her. Turns out she’s Tropical Surprise and at one point in time was scented.

The pink dog I had no idea what she was. But she was made in mexico and stamped ‘1986’ so I decided even if she’s just a cheap bootleg nothing toy I’d get her anyway because she’s in such good condition. After a very brief google search for 'Mexican toy 1986 pink’ I found out she’s actually called 'Silky Pup’ and is a pet for Lady Lovely Locks! Not a cheap bootleg at all!

She still has her collar and lead but her name tag was ripped off. Also not accessories. However she’s in near perfect condition. I’m quite happy with her. After the move I’ll get some ribbons to seperate her hair into actual ears again.

sun-kissedwinter said: This pictures are beautiful. But why is there more snow in Tokyo than there is up here right now? What is the weather doing?

@sun-kissedwinter, we had quite a night here in Tokyo!  It wasn’t as heavy as 2014′s Armageddon, but it was a worthy runner-up. :) I was walking ankle-deep in snow when I returned home at 9. See below.

A lot of it’s already gone, because today – yes! what is the weather doing?! – it’s 11 degrees. The snow on sidewalks has become a slushy sludgy ice, which turns walking into a winter Olympics complete with speed skating, ski jumping and a luge / skeleton combination. Mostly on your butt. :p

Vegas Baby - chapter 1

RATING: explicit

RELATIONSHIP: Lucifer/Sam Winchester

WORDS: 1272

: 1/6

: human!au, gambling
Special thanks to @spnyoucantkeepmedown who beta read this story and prevented the murder of two innocent bathrobes (because I swear, where I come from, we hang bathrobes).

SUMMARY: Sam takes Dean to Las Vegas for his birthday. The weekend turns wilder than expected when they meet a bartender who knows how to bull (or moose) ride.

Read it on Ao3.

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