The Pie...nis Game

Word Count: 579

Warnings: One swear word spoken from the lips of injustice, but other than that, none. Just all around silliness :)

“May whoever coded this book step on Legos for the rest of their stupid lives,” I muttered, slamming the dusty pages closed with an exorbitant thump and tossing the thing onto the table. I rubbed the corners of my eyes and groaned. My eyeballs were drier than Cas’ attempts at humor. 

When I peeled my eyelids open again, Sam was staring at me over the book he was holding with an amused look on his face, “So…how’s the research going?”

“Delightful,” I quipped, “In fact, I’ve vowed not to rest until I’ve read every book in the bunker.”

“That good, huh?” Sam said with a smile. He scanned the growing pile of literature in front of us, “What about this text on –”


He snorted, a sound that made me giggle before I flopped dramatically onto the table, my arms outstretched in front of me. “Reading is going to claim a life this year,” I groaned. 

“Always so melodramatic,” Sam teased.

A thought crossed my mind and my head snapped up suddenly, “Wait…where’s Dean?” He had started the tedious research with us. “Didn’t he say he was going to get a book from storage?”

Sam checked his watch, “Yeah, about thirty minutes ago.”

Injustice rose from the depths of my soul, “Son. Of. A. BITCH! He ditched us!”

Sam shrugged, “I’m used to it at this point.”

I shook my head violently, “No! He must be summoned. A family that suffers together, stays together.”

An eye roll was all my speech received, “Summoned? Really, Y/N? What are you going to do, throw some whiskey and pie into a tin box and bury it beneath the Impala?”

I scowled at him. But then my brain wheels began to slowly turn again. Hmmmmmm….pie….

“Pie,” I whispered.

“What?” Sam asked in confusion, “Did you just say…”

“Pie,” I repeated, slightly louder this time. I wiggled my eyebrows at him. Sam set his book down and leaned back in his chair with a sigh, but there was a smile growing on the corners of his mouth.

“Pie.” Sam’s voice this time.

“Pie.” My vocal chords stretched.

“Pie!” Sam barked.

“Pie!” I yelled.

PIE!” Sam was shouting at this point.

PIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!” The word ripped from my lungs like an amazon warrior cry.

Dean burst into the library, his gun trained in front of him while his eyes wildly searched for the threat. “What’s wrong?!? I heard yelling! I heard…” he paused while his brain pulled a file from his memory. “Wait…were you guys… Were you guys saying…pie?”

I was already giggling uncontrollably, but at that point all of my senses were claimed by hysteria and I literally fell backwards in my seat. My chair hit the ground with a smack and I rolled onto the floor, snorting out laughter so strong that my tear ducts broke, releasing torrents of water down my face.

“Can’t….breathe…” I squeaked, “P-p-pie!” I wheezed out the word between my fits of laughter.

Dean looked over at Sam, who had picked back up his book and was reading  as though nothing had happened. “Why were you and Y/N shouting about pie?” I had never seen Dean more confused in my entire life.

Sam shrugged his shoulders, his face blank, “Dude, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

And any hope of my lungs having a decent chance at air was gone as I rolled around on the floor like a drunk, laughing until my belly ached with happiness.

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8 Facts about little ol me

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I never get tagged so I’m pretty nervous, but away we go!!

1. I currently live in Florida awaiting death by humidity, but no seriously I miss the four seasons because I use to live in a state with legitimate seasons, and now all I get is the wrath of the sun god all year long so lucky me, I better get a golden star for this shit or something

2. I sold my soul graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando, and now live on my own as a freelance graphic designer, but I don’t feel I am very good at traditional art so I would really like to take some art classes on the side in the near future if I can work up the motivation!

3. I am highly introverted with an INFJ personality type, and tend to be a little complex and philosophical in nature for those who take the time to peel back my layers. I always enjoy a good mystery and take delight in exploring the inner self, and challenging the psychology of human nature. I feel it is rewarding, but also dangerous since this often causes me to think much differently than the average person resulting in me being easily misunderstood, and rejected.

4. My favorite anime iiiis Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo!! Pffft, okay no I’m trolling you guys a wee bit, but I do love my anime, and manga! And yeah I do love lots of cute, and just plain amazing shows like HunterxHunter, but I know everyone else will already mention all that so instead I’ll point out that I am currently reading Junji Ito’s Uzumaki which is a twisted, awesome tale of how a world becomes corrupted by spirals.

5. I miiight be a little obsessed with Hiro from BH6 so if you wanna win me over just open up your trench coat, and show me those BH6 goodies, and you’ve got my attention. I love lots of characters though, such as Asriel from Undertale, and sometimes can spend quite a bit of time exploring various head cannons before I fall asleep at night!

6. Speaking of sleep though I recently have developed an interest in Hypnagogic Imagery which simply put can be defined as a state of awareness between sleep and wakefullness, and when one manages to become alert during this transition phase it is possible to begin seeing all sorts of interesting geometrical shapes and forms behind ones closed eye lids. It is even possible for music to play clearly in ones mind as this occurs, pretty neat right?? Great now you all think I’ve gone coo coo for cocoa puffs lol

7. All in all though I’m just a dumb little kid inside who really loves to form meaningful connections with people who are kind, and open minded. I love to color and sleep with stuffed animals, and I have the most adorable baby unicorn I snuggle with at night to help me keep all the negative stuff away ya know?

8. Last but not least I wanna say that I’m currently dating a wonderful boy @apupnamedgon He means a lot to me, and I hope I can get a chance to meet him in person soon!!! I know this was suppose to be 10 facts, but I feel like my responses were a little winded so I’ll leave it at 8 before I embarrass myself any further.

Also gonna go ahead and tag @apupnamedgon to do this if he wants, and he’s the only one for now, because I don’t know anyone else here who has not already been tagged, but anyone is welcome to join in!

When I kissed her
my cheeks filled up with immortality
she always played dead
made the walls close in
peeled way my delusion
forced me to howl my sins
she said if you want to find me
I am always walking away from the sun
—  Scorpio

it is a bad time to be alone. inside of me feels like a very small set of claws is slowly peeling away my insides, bit by bit. like it doesn’t really hurt until the movie on tv has a happy family in it. like christmas songs make me close my eyes and breathe slowly. like don’t talk to me about snow. 

it is a bad time to be lonely. the house is full and people are laughing but i am apart. i feel temporary. like i’m both inside the house and outside, watching through glass the yellow light of something that isn’t mine. like i’m borrowing it. like these people don’t know me and they won’t try to and i don’t blame them for it.

i miss belonging. i miss stealing food out of the fridge and teaching the dog new tricks and laughing so hard i cry for it. i miss a loud house that doesn’t make me flinch. i miss swelling up with joy in preparation for christmas rather than bracing for it. 

the little claw inside me digs, and digs, and digs.