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So I have a horrible habit of peeling my lips when I'm just kinda sitting around bored or waiting for something. Any tips for getting rid of bad habits?

I will admit that I am completely guilty of this same bad habit. I’ve found that I only pick at my lips when they’re really dry and already cracking, so what I’ve done to stop this is to always have something on my lips. Lipstick or lip gloss is the best deterrent, because your fingers would get all gross, but if you’re not comfortable with that, chapstick works just as well (at least in my case). The important thing is to put something on your lips that you don’t want to get on your hands or wouldn’t want to mess up by touching.

Additionally, find something else to do with your hands! Carry around a small fiddle toy or rubber band or something to keep your hands occupied and away from your mouth.


It was the middle of winter and the wind howled piling up the snow in drifts blinding the night with Ice white dust. I gripped the steering wheel tight driving carefully keeping my eyes peeled to the road.  To say I wasn’t scared was an understatement. As I slowly made my way down the block, a red light shined bright in the distance indicating that I was approaching a red light. I smiled as I watched the different patterns of snowfall from the sky. I rolled down my wind and stuck my hand out the wind whispered some more as the snow felt like confetti melting in my hands. Despite the harm, harsh snowfall causes there was nothing more beautiful than watching the snow cover the ground in a blanket of white shroud.

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Why do oranges with seeds exist

i did my duty by peeling the fruit. why must i prove myself further

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What's your tattoo of? Where is it? Tell us about it :)

I’m getting a fish scale tattoo where it looks like I got clawed by something and my skin is peeling off. (SECRET MERMAID) It’s on my calf.

I’ll show pictures later!

• jily get paired up to raise one of those lil fake babies (and of course there are more boys to girls in the class and remus and sirius get paired up (and their baby probably ends up dead or dying by the time eight weeks are over))

• james and lily who aren’t really friends but are far from enemies. they kind of just exist, with small acknowledgements of each other but nothing much

• james hangs out with the rest of the marauders and lily sticks to mary and marlene and frank and alice although the latter two seem to be gone most of the time

• so they’re in health class one day and the teacher assigns them as partners and james is pretty happy (i mean I would be too if i were working with lily evans for an entire eight weeks)

• turns out that there are uneven numbers in the class and remus and sirius end up being paired up (their baby dies within a week because sirius leaves it on top of the urinal and forgets it)

• they decide that lily has it during the day and james has it at night, and they swap every week

• james and lily spend a lot of time together because of the baby (there’s a lot of midnight phone calls, mostly because they’re both v spiteful and in a ‘if I’m not getting a good night’s sleep, I will make sure that you’re not either even if we only live two doors down from each other’ kind of mindset)

• so there’s lots of afternoons in the dog park where they do their homework with the baby (which james christened ‘elvendork’ after james realised that the baby had no genitals.

• “you can’t just say that the baby is a girl or a boy, so to be safe lets name it elevndork because its a highly commendable name and also–unisex

• (the only thing the baby really had were unnervingly green eyes))

• “kind of like you, evans”

• they they go the the dog park with elvendork straight after school a lot and they’re in uniform and they get more than one dirty look from a member of the public who doesn’t realise that the baby isn’t real

• they’re kind of relaxed about it, james goes to lily’s house and they kind of just toss the baby at each other while eating and chatting

• james insists that he show lily that he is very capable of doing push ups with elvendork on his back. shirtless, of course

• lily just rolls her eyes

• they don’t go to james’s house (despite mrs potter doting on james, lily, and elvendork) because sirius lives with james and like hell they’re going to let sirius in a house with two of these things, like ffs who let him have one in the first place

• remus doesn’t really care for his baby either. he’s kind of ‘eh’ about the whole situation and he ends up rigging it so that it screams whenever elvendork comes within two metres of it (james is not impressed)

• (there’s probably one point in which james and lily almost kiss but elvendork starts crying and ruins the mood) (they don’t talk about this certain moment again)

• eventually eight weeks is up and they hand in their baby and get a surprisingly good mark

• remus and sirius hand theirs in but remus has fiddled with it again so all it does is swear in german

• james realises that he likes lily and catches up with her before the day ends

• “hey evans, even though elvendork is gone I thought that you might want to go to the dog park after school to do some homework?”

• and naturally, lily says yes

Emma and Steed fic

It’s been years since I’ve written anything but I’m feeling nostalgic.  Also, reunion fic was obviously a trend with my Avengers shipping.

One is the Loneliest Number -  Steed wants to celebrate, Emma wants a promise.  A post ep for Two’s a Crowd with vague shippy hints and a not so vaguely upset Emma.

Meeting Again - A random meeting in the park, misunderstandings, and hope.  Set abut 6 years after Forget Me Knot.  Shippy

Christmas Cards - Steed receives and invitation, Purdey worries. A fluffy Christmas fic.  Set after then New Avengers episode K is For Kill.  Shippy

The Lazarus Heart - Old Foes, Old Friends, and a nine letter word beginning with the letter C.  Steed takes on the case of a missing woman and finds more tan he expects.  I have to admit this is my fav Avengers fic of mine, for a couple of reasons.  Shippy

The Four Heads are Better than Two Affair - The Avengers and the Men from UNCLE are on the same case.  Because I refuse to believe they didn’t run into each other sometimes.  Illya and Emma would be science bffs.

my first year of college was pretty cool. I got hit on a bit which was really surprising to me. I thought it would make me nervous since I’m so shy but nah I actually loved it lol. it’s always nice getting complimented as long as the compliment isn’t creepy. 

like one time this older woman was hitting on me when I was tryna order my food and she said some shit like ‘you have nice skin, I could eat it right up’ and I almost left without my food