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acne treatment give details I'm up for something new here.

got it from my dermatologist 3 step process. my face peels off and turns really pink and bleeds and then new skin grows and i look like a brand new egg

listening to someone talking & music playing at the same time is physically painful 2 me but since the sound of someone chewing makes me want to peel my skin off and die, if someone is talking and eating at the same time i have no choice but to listen to loud music to drown out the chewing sound, but i can still hear them talking thru breaks in the music.  circle ouroboros death fuck

Dishonored 2 tidbits

Source but if you cba reading..

  • Emily can craft bone charms, and there are “more than 400,000 combinations” in the game. Other powers of hers are “shadow Walk” “mesmerise” and “far reach”
  • The game starts with a ‘day in the life’ of Emily, and then you choose whether you’re playing as Emily or Corvo
  • The reason Emily is not governing Dunwall is because she was ousted by a usurper, and now is an outlaw in Karnaca after being driven from Gristol
  • Karnaca is suffering an “epidemic” of the blood flies seen in the game trailer, which become hostile and swarm as adolescents. The eggs are lain by the adults in bodies, so if you do a high chaos run and leave a lot of dead bodies, then there will be more of these flies, like the rats in Dishonored 1.
  • Corvo is keeping devouring swarm, bend time, possession, and blink.
  • Dishonored 2′s powers will be upgraded in skill trees.
  • Dishonored 2 is scaled so that it will be a lot more difficult if players are in the most challenging mode than in the first game
  • Dishonored 2′s guards are a bit sharper than Dunwall’s adorable dumbos and split up to search whole areas, if they’re with an armed officer will hang back so he can shoot at you, have increased “situational awareness”. But you can still get the blood flies to mob them like the rats in Dishonored 1
  • Chaos system has more direct consequences