The stream crashed painfully, so I didn’t get to do many things…. first, this drawing of my Magical Girl AU, which I love so much ;D

And someone requested Genocide, so I did this :P

Someone requested feels, so I did this right after!

And then the stream crashed. And so did my Internet. I hate my life ahahaha

Love you guys, thanks for coming~~ <3

I’ll come back on tumblr when I don’t feel like dying bye

guys i accidentally bought a massively complicated board game (I mean i bought it on purpose but i didn’t quite realize how incredibly complex the rules are!)  My sister and I started playing last night and got about 2 turns done in the first hour and when it was time for bed we just kind of folded.  But tonight we started again and now that we sort of understand the game it went a lot faster, and it was pretty fun!

you play as human survivors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and you are trying to travel toward the Safe Place, but you have to fight gangs of human desperados and mutants on your way.  And you have to forage for food and equipment to survive, and encounters with mutant enemies can give you mutations.  If you get enough mutations, you transform into a mutant and now you’re the enemy of all the human players.  Which makes it a really interesting game!

I ended the game as a mutant with huge eyes, a tail, and FIVE ARMS.  I just kept drawing “Extra Arm” cards again and again.

anyway, that’s the story of my night!  I hope you had a lovely evening, and that you sleep well and are rested and ready for whatever tomorrow will bring! <3

poketin  asked:

Jared, Shane, Jimmy, Bonus

Jared: Guilty Pleasure- Almost everything i do, tbh, but I guess the one thing I dont even tell most of my friends about is the fact that I just started vaping? Idk, i just enjoy the smoke ri p

Shane: Three facts about urself-
Im a current college drop out but I’m going back.
I rped Hetalia literally until this year. fuckin ask me how many tumblr accounts i have I dare you
music is life honestly. Is that a fact about me? Music is my life, my guy.

Jimmy- pick a friendo and talk about them
i pick you friendo!!
You’re always sending me stuff/up late like this loser over here typing this
youre super rad and chill
U are girlies-in-love trash and tbh, same.

Bonus- did u no ur p rad, tracy
Waaaat. No way.


When we first met, I’d just gotten this new app called Tinder. And I reached out and I saw Josh, and I was like, ‘Hey, he looks like a guy who might look like he wants to play music’. And so then I was like ‘Let’s… let’s play music.’ And so he tindered me back, and we started a band, and most of our songs are written about that experience. It was a weird first date.


remember the time jin ate a fry off some random man’s plate


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.


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