A Guide to Break Ups ...

by Congressman Sean Reeves (Political Animals)

Step 1. Marginalize one of their most painful life experiences.

Step 2. Forcefully reject any attempt on their part to make you feel better or touch you.

Step 3. Insist the entire relationship was nothing but sex. There was no emotional attachment on your part.

Step 4. Insist that even the sex was repulsive.

Step 5. Tell them that they are nothing but a joke. Self worth is highly overrated anyway. They don’t need any.

Step 6. In case Step 5 missed it point, reiterate that they aren’t good enough. You want more than they can ever offer.

Personally, at the end of this, I wanted the congressman’s balls on a platter. Unfortunately, we can’t always get what we want.

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He knew I had no choice in the matter.


On the Run - Jailbreak - Back to the Barn

Steven learning things about his Gem Moms that they were afraid of telling him or that they may not have wanted him to know at all, and accepting and loving them no matter what. Inspired in part by this post.



Carol Peletier Meme ||  10 Anything you want

Carol’s emotional state after losing Lizzie and Mika

“She has compartmentalized definitely. In order to do the things she needs to do she can’t get in the way of herself by being emotional. She’s an emotional person. That’s part of how she’s surviving. Just try to keep moving forward, and maybe there will come a time.” - Melissa McBride

“She doesn’t talk about what happened with the girls, the things she’s had to see and do. She’s processing that on her own, and when she’s ready to talk about it, it will happen. Otherwise, it’s not like it’s just gone away as if it never happened. She’s carrying all of that with her and it’s saving her along the way. All the more reason to do what she has to do to avoid that sort of thing.” - Melissa McBride